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Service Tax Forms- ST7


Form of application to Appellate Tribunal under Section 86(2) [or Sec.86(2A) of the Finance Act, 1994 (32 of 1994)]

In the Customs, Excise and Gold(Control) Appellate Tribunal Appeal No._____________of______________20_________________________Applicant



1. Designation and address of the applicant (if the applicant is not the adjudicating authority, a copy of the authorisation from the Commissioner of Central Excise to make the application should be enclosed).
2. Name and address of the respondent.
3. Designation and address of the officer passing the decision or order in respect of which this application is being made and the date of the decision or order.
4. State/Union territory and the Commissionerate in which the decision or order was made.
5. Date on which order under sub-section(2) of Section 86 of the Finance Act, 1994, has been passed by the Board or the date on which the order under sub-section (2A) of Section 86 of Finance Act,1994 has been passed by the Commissioner of Central Excise.
6.  Date of communication of the order referred to in (3) above to the adjudicating authority.
7. Whether the decision or order appealed against involves any question having a relation to the rate of tax or to the value of taxable service for purpose of assessment; if not , difference in tax or duty involved, or amount of penalty involved or value of goods involved, as the case may be.
7A. (i) Period of dispute
  (ii) Amount of tax, if any, demanded for the period mentioned in column (i)
  (ii) Amount of refund, if any, claimed for the period mentioned in column (i)


Amount of interest imposed.
  (v) Amount of penalty imposed.
8. Reliefs claimed in the application.

Grounds of application

Signature of the applicant

The form of application including the statement of facts and grounds of application shall be filed in quadruplicate and shall be accompanied by an equal number of copies of the decision or order passed by the Commissioner of Central Excise (one of which at least shall be a certified copy) and a copy of the order passed by the Board or copies of orders of the Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals) (one of which shall be a certified copy) and a copy of the order of the Commissioner of Central Excise, as the case may be, under Sub-section(2) of Section 86.

(see sub-rule (4) of rule 5)
Return under rule 5 of the Service Tax Credit Rules, 2002
(For the period from________ to________)

Input service

Sl No. Date and no. of document on which credit is availed Details of input service provider Details of input service
ST regd. No. Address Description Value Credit taken

Service tax credit

Opening Balance Credit Taken Credit utilised Closing Balance

Date :-
Name and signature of the assessee or
his authorised representative".

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