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Chapter-12 Oil seeds & oleaginous fruits miscellaneous grains-seeds & fruit, industrial or medicinal plants straw of Year 2009 - 10.

Hs Code Description

China Hs Code - 1201 : Soya beans, whether or not broken

1201001000 Plants uses the soybean
1201009100 The non-kind uses the yellow soybean
1201009200 The non-kind uses the black soybean
1201009300 The non-kind uses the blue soybean
1201009900 The non-kind uses other soybeans

China Hs Code - 1202 : Ground-nuts, not roasted or otherwise cooked, whether or not shelled or broken

1202101000 Plants with has not depilated the peanut
1202109000 Other have not depilated the peanut
1202200000 Depilation peanut

China Hs Code - 1203 : Copra

1203000000 Copra

China Hs Code - 1204 : Linseed, whether or not broken

1204000000 Linseed

China Hs Code - 1205 : Rape or colza seeds, whether or not broken

1205101000 Plants uses the low mustard sour oil vegetable seed
1205109000 Other low mustard sour oil vegetable seed
1205901000 Other kind of oil used vegetable seed
1205909000 Other rapeseeds

China Hs Code - 1206 : Sunflower seeds, whether or not broken

1206001000 Plants uses the sunflower seed
1206009000 Other sunflower seeds

China Hs Code - 1207 : Cotton seeds, whether or not broken

1207201000 Plants uses the cottonseed
1207209000 Other cottonseeds
1207401000 Plants uses the sesame seed
1207409000 Other sesame seeds
1207501000 Plants uses the mustard seed
1207509000 Other mustard seeds
1207910000 Small-mouthed jar millet
1207991000 Other kinds use the oiliness seeds and nuts and the fruit
1207999100 Butter hagberry
1207999200 Other oil palm fruit and oil palm kernel
1207999300 Other castor beans
1207999400 Other red cotton or flower seeds
1207999900 Other oiliness seeds and nuts and fruit

China Hs Code - 1208 : Flours and meals of oil seeds or oleaginous fruits, other than those of

1208100000 Soy flour
1208900000 Other oiliness seeds and nuts or fruit fine dust and cribble

China Hs Code - 1209 : Seeds, fruit and spores for sowing

1209100000 Sugar sweet vegetable seed
1209210000 Alfalfa
1209220000 Clover
1209230000 Sheep fescue
1209240000 Lawn precocious standing grain
1209250000 Perennial ryegrass seed
1209291000 Sweet vegetable seed, sugar sweet vegetable seed exception
1209299000 Other forage plant seed
1209300010 Is in imminent danger the herb flowering plant seed
1209300090 Other herb flowering plant seed
1209910000 Vegetables seed
1209991000 Plants with the west melon seed
1209992000 Plants uses the sweet melon seed
1209999010 Other planters with are in imminent danger the seed, the fruit and the spore
1209999090 Other planters use seed, fruit and spore

China Hs Code - 1210 : Hop cones, fresh or dried, whether or not ground, powdered or in the form of pellets; lupulin

1210100000 The attrition has not made the crumb the hops
1210200000 Has ground or makes the crumb the hops

China Hs Code - 1211 : Plants and plant parts for pharmacy, perfumery, insecticides, fungicidal; fresh or dried, whether or not cut, crushed or

1211201000 Fresh or dry American ginseng
1211202000 Fresh or dry wild ginseng
1211209100 Other fresh ginsengs
1211209900 Other do the ginseng
1211300010 For medicinal purposes coca leaf
1211300020 Makes the spice to use the coca leaf
1211300090 The insect disinfestation sterilizes to use the coca leaf
1211400010 For medicinal purposes poppy straw
1211400020 Makes the spice to use the poppy straw
1211400090 The insect disinfestation sterilizes to use the poppy straw
1211901100 Fresh or dry Chinese angelica
1211901200 Fresh or dry 37 (field seven)
1211901300 Fresh or dry codonopsis pilosula
1211901400 Fresh or dry Chinese goldthread rhizome
1211901500 Fresh or dry chrysanthemum
1211901600 Fresh or dry Dong Chon Xia Cao
1211901700 Fresh or dry fritillaria
1211901800 Fresh or dry rhizome of Ligusticum wallichii
1211901900 Fresh or dry pinellia
1211902100 Fresh or dry root of herbaceous peony
1211902200 Fresh or dry elevated gastrodia
1211902300 Fresh or dry radix astragali
1211902400 Fresh or dry Chinese rhubarb, rhubarb
1211902500 Fresh or dry Bai Zhu
1211902600 Fresh or dry glutinous rehmannia
1211902700 Fresh or dry Chinese scholartree rice
1211902800 Fresh or dry Eucommia
1211902900 Fresh or dry Poris cocos
1211903100 Fresh or dry Chinese matrimony-vine
1211903200 Fresh or dry big lake
1211903300 Fresh or dry agalloch eaglewood
1211903400 Fresh or dry adenophora verticillata
1211903500 Fresh or dry southernwood
1211903600 Fresh or dry licorice
1211903910 The chemicals use the ma-huang grass powder
1211903920 The chemicals use the ma-huang grass
1211903930 Hemp
1211903940 Poppy shell
1211903950 Fresh or dry banks rose
1211903960 Fresh or the dry yellow grass and the maple tree fights (dendrobium monile)
1211903970 Fresh or dry desert cistanche
1211903980 Fresh or dry Chinese yew skin, branches and leaves and so on
1211903991 Other mainly serve as the chemicals fresh or the dry threatened plant
1211903992 Ghana seed, plantain seeds shell powder, yohimbe bark
1211903999 Other mainly serve as the chemicals fresh or the dry plant
1211905010 The spice uses the ma-huang grass powder
1211905020 The spice uses the ma-huang grass
1211905091 Mainly serves as the spice the threatened plant
1211905099 Other mainly serve as the spice the plant
1211909100 Fresh or dry fish cane root, pyrethrum
1211909910 Other use the ma-huang grass powder
1211909920 Other use the ma-huang grass
1211909991 Other fresh or does the insect disinfestation, sterilizes to use the threatened plant
1211909999 Other fresh or the dry insect disinfestation, sterilizes to use the plant

China Hs Code - 1212 : Locust beans, seaweed & other algae, sugar beet & sugar cane; fruits stones

& kernels
1212201010 Fresh kelp
1212201090 Cold, frozen or dry kelp
1212202010 Fresh long thread moss
1212202090 Cold, frozen or dry long thread moss
1212203100 Dry undaria pinnatifida
1212203200 Fresh undaria pinnatifida
1212203900 Cold, frozen undaria pinnatifida
1212204100 Dry porphyra capensi
1212204200 Fresh porphyra capensi
1212204900 Cold, frozen porphyra capensi
1212206100 Dry eucheuma
1212206900 Fresh, Leng Huodong eucheuma
1212207100 Dry gracilaria verrucosa
1212207900 Fresh, Leng Huodong gracilaria verrucosa
1212209010 Other fresh seaweed and other algae
1212209090 Cold, frozen or dry other seaweed and other algae
1212910000 Fresh, cold, frozen or dry beet
1212991100 Bitter apricot kernel
1212991200 Apricot kernel
1212991900 Other almonds, peach, Mei Huoli nucleus and nucleolus
1212992000 Fresh, cold, frozen or dry thorn sophora pods, including locust tree bean
1212999100 Black melon seed
1212999200 Red melon seed
1212999300 Dried white pumpkin seeds
1212999400 Husked lotus
1212999500 Fresh, cold, frozen or dry sugar cane
1212999910 Other supply the person edible threatened plant product
1212999990 Other supply the person edible pit, the kernel and the plant product

China Hs Code - 1213 : Cereal straw and husks, unprepared, whether or not chopped, ground, pressed or in the form of pellets

1213001000 Without processing straw's stem, pole
1213009000 Not after processing cereal plant's stem, pole and hull

China Hs Code - 1214 : Swedes, mangolds, fodder roots, hay, lucerne ( alfalfa ), clover, sainfoin, forage kale, lupines, vetches & similar products

1214100000 Alfalfa cribble and crumb
1214900000 Iytta vesicatoria sea cabbage.

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