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Chapter-28 Inorganic and Organic chemicals and their compounds of precious metals of Year 2009 - 10.

Hs Code Description

China Hs Code- 2801 :Fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine

2801100000 Chlorine
2801200000 Iodine
2801301000 Fluorine
2801302000 Bromine

China Hs Code - 2802 :Sulphur, sublimed or precipitated; colloidal sulphur

2802000000 Sublimation, precipitation, colloid sulfur

China Hs Code - 2803 :Carbon ( carbon blacks and other forms of carbon notelsewhere specified or included )

2803000000 Carbon

China Hs Code-2804 :Hydrogen, rare gases and other non-metals

2804100000 Hydrogen
2804210000 Argon
2804290000 Other noble gases
2804300000 Nitrogen
2804400000 Oxygen
2804500001 Tellurium
2804500010 Pellet <500μm boron and alloy
2804500020 Energy density >40MJ/kg boron thick liquid
2804500090 Other boron
2804611700 Electronic industrial used diameter ≥30cm monocrystalline silicon stick
2804611900 Electronic industrial used 7.5cm≤ diameter <30cm monocrystalline silicon stick
2804612000 Electronic industrial used diameter <7.5cm monocrystalline silicon stick
2804619011 Including silicon quantity many in 99.99% polycrystalline silicon waste fragments
2804619019 Other contain the silicon quantity many in 99.99% polycrystalline silicon
2804619091 Other contain the silicon quantity many in 99.99% silicon waste fragments
2804619099 Other contain the silicon quantity many in 99.99% silicon
2804690000 Other are short including the silicon quantity in 99.99% silicon
2804701000 Yellow phosphorus (white phosphorus)
2804709010 Red phosphorus
2804709090 Other phosphorus
2804800000 Arsenic
2804901000 Uses in the electronics industry after the doping the selenium crystal stick
2804909000 Other selenium

China Hs Code- 2805 :Alkali or alkaline-earth metals; rare-earth metals, scandium and yttrium; mercury

2805110000 Sodium
2805120010 High-purity calcium
2805120090 Other calcium
2805190000 Other alkaline metals and alkali earth metal
2805301100 Neodymium
2805301200 Arrowhead
2805301300 Terbium
2805301400 Lanthanum
2805301510 Pellet <500μm cerium and alloy
2805301590 Other metal cerium
2805301912 Metal praseodymium
2805301913 Metal samarium
2805301914 Metal you
2805301915 Metal scandium
2805301916 Metal yttrium
2805301990 Other rare-earth metal
2805302100 Battery level rare-earth metal, scandium and yttrium
2805302900 Other rare-earth metal, scandium and yttrium
2805400000 Mercury

China Hs Code- 2806 :Hydrogen chloride ( hydrochloric acid ); chorosulphuric acid

2806100000 Hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid)
2806200000 Chlorosulforic acid

China Hs Code- 2807 :Sulphuric acid; oleum

2807000010 Sulfuric acid
2807000090 Fuming sulfuric acid

China Hs Code- 2808 :Nitric acid; sulphonitric acids

2808000010 Red fuming nitric acid
2808000090 Sulfur nitric acid and other nitric acids

China Hs Code - 2809 : Diphosphorus pentaoxide; phosphoric acid; polyphosphoric acids, whether or not chemically defined

2809100000 Phsophorus pentoxide
2809201100 Food grade phosphoric acid
2809201900 Other phosphoric acid and metaphosphoric acid, pyrophosphoric acid
2809209000 Other multi-phosphoric acid

ChinaHs Code- 2810 :Oxides of boron; boric acids

2810001000 Boron oxide compound
2810002000 Boric acid

ChinaHs Code- 2811 :Other inorganic acids and other inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals

2811110000 Hydrofluoric acid
2811191000 Hydrogen cyanide
2811199010 Hydroiodic acid
2811199020 Arsenic acid, pyroarsenic acid, meta-arsenic acid
2811199090 Other inorganic acid
2811210000 Carbon dioxide
2811220000 Silicon dioxide
2811290010 White arsenic, arsenic powder
2811290020 Nitrogen tetroxide
2811290090 Other nonmetallic inorganic oxide compounds

ChinaHs Code- 2812 :Halides and halide oxides of non-metals

2812101000 Protochloride sulphone (thionyl chloride, Phosphorus Oxychloride)
2812102000 Phosphorus oxychloride
2812103000 Carbonyldichloride (carbonyl chloride)
2812104100 Sulfur monochloride (Sulfur Chloride)
2812104200 Sulfur dichloride
2812104300 Phosphorus trichloride
2812104400 Caustic oil of arsenic
2812104500 Phosphorus pentachloride
2812104900 Other nonmetallic chloride
2812109000 Other nonmetallic oxychloride
2812901100 Boron trifluoride nitrogen
2812901910 Boron trifluoride chlorine
2812901920 Arsenous fluoride
2812901930 Sulfuryl fluoride
2812901990 Other fluorides and oxyfluoride
2812909010 Arsenous bromide, arsenous iodide
2812909090 Other nonmetallic halogenide and oxyhalogenide

China Hs Code- 2813 :Sulphides of non-metals; commercial phosphorus trisulphides

2813100000 Carbon bisulfide
2813900010 Thiophosphoric anhydride
2813900090 Other nonmetallic sulfide, trisulfide two phosphorus

China HsCode - : 2814 Ammonia, anhydrous or in aqueous solution

2814100000 Ammonia
2814200000 Ammonia water

China Hs Code- 2815 :Sodium hydroxide ( caustic soda ); potassium hydroxide ( caustic potash ); peroxides of sodium or potassium

2815110000 Solid sodium hydroxide
2815120000 The sodium hydroxide peroxide solution, the liquid burns the alkali
2815200000 Potassium hydroxide (caustic potash)
2815300000 Sodium peroxide and potassium peroxide

China Hs Code- 2816 :Hydroxide and peroxide of magnesium; oxides, hydroxides and peroxides, of strontium or barium

2816100000 Magnesium hydroxide and magnesium peroxide
2816400000 Strontium or barium oxide compound, hydroxide

China Hs Code- 2817 :Zinc oxide; zinc peroxide

2817001000 Zinc oxide
2817009000 Zinc peroxide

China Hs Code- 2818: Artificial corundum, whether or not chemically defined;  aluminium oxide; aluminium hydroxide

2818101000 Brown corundum
2818109000 Other boules
2818200000 Aluminum oxide, but boules exception
2818300000 Aluminum hydroxide

ChinaHs Code- 2819 :Chromium oxides and hydroxides

2819100000 Chromium trioxide
2819900000 Other chromium oxide and hydroxide

China Hs Code- 2820 :Manganese oxide

2820100000 Manganese dioxide
2820900000 Other manganese oxide compound

ChinaHs Code- 2821 :Iron oxides and hydroxides; earth colours containing >=70% iron (III) oxide

2821100000 Hard oxide compound and hydroxide
2821200000 Earth pigment

ChinaHs Code- 2822 :Cobalt oxides and hydroxides; commercial cobalt oxides

2822001000 Tetroxide three cobalt
2822009000 Other cobalt oxide and hydroxide

China Hs Code - 2823 :Titanium oxides

2823000000 Titanium oxide compound

China Hs Code - 2824 :Lead oxides; red lead and orange lead

2824100000 Lead monoxide (lead yellow, Huang Dan)
2824901000 Red lead and lead orange (tetroxide (3) lead)
2824909000 Other lead oxide

China Hs Code- 2825 :Hydrazine & hydroxylamine and their inorganic salts; other inorganic bases;  other metal oxides, hydroxides & peroxides

2825101010 Purity 85% and above hydration jing
2825101090 Purity 85% following hydrations jing
2825102000 Hydroxylamine sulfate
2825109000 Other jing, hai and inorganic salt
2825201000 Lithium hydroxide
2825209000 Lithium oxide compound
2825301000 Vanadium pentoxide
2825309000 Other vanadium oxide compound and hydroxide
2825400000 Nickel oxide compound and hydroxide
2825500000 Copper oxide compound and hydroxide
2825600001 Germanium oxide compound
2825600090 Zirconia
2825700000 Molybdenum oxide compound and hydroxide
2825800000 Stibium oxide compound
2825901100 Tungstic acid
2825901200 Tungsten trioxide
2825901910 Blue color tungsten oxide
2825901990 Other tungsten oxide compound and hydroxide
2825902100 Trioxide two bismith
2825902900 Other bismith oxide compound and hydroxide
2825903100 Tin peroxide
2825903900 Other tin oxide compound and hydroxide
2825909000 Other metal oxide compound and hydroxide

China Hs Code- 2826 :Fluorides; fluorosilicates, fluoroaluminates and other complex fluorine salts

2826121000 Anhydrous aluminum fluoride
2826129000 Other aluminum fluoride
2826191010 Ammonium hydrogen fluoride
2826191090 Other ammonium fluoride
2826192010 Sodium fluoride
2826192020 Hydrogen fluoride sodium
2826192090 Other sodium fluoride
2826199010 Potassium fluoride
2826199020 Hydrogen fluoride potassium
2826199030 Lead fluoride, leadtetrafluoride, cadmium fluoride
2826199090 Other fluorides
2826300000 Six hydrofluoaluminic acid sodium (artificial cryolite)
2826901000 Silicofluoride
2826909001 Six lithium fluophosphate
2826909010 Tantalum potassium fluoride
2826909030 Fluoboric acid lead, fluoboric acid cadmium
2826909090 Hydrofluoaluminic acid salt and other fluorine complex salt

China Hs Code - 2827 :Chlorides, chloride oxides and chloride hydroxides; bromides and bromide oxides; iodides and iodide oxides

2827101000 The fertilizer uses the ammonium chloride
2827109000 The non-fertilizer uses the ammonium chloride
2827200000 Calcium chloride
2827310000 Magnesium chloride
2827320000 Aluminum chloride
2827350000 Nickelous chloride
2827391000 Lithium chloride
2827392000 Barium chloride
2827393000 Cobaltous chloride
2827399000 Other chloride
2827410000 Copper oxychloride and hydroxy chloride
2827491000 Zirconium oxychloride and hydroxy chloride
2827499000 Other oxychloride and hydroxy chloride
2827510000 Sodium bromide and potassium bromide
2827590000 Other bromide and oxybromide
2827600000 Iodide and iodine oxide compound

ChinaHs Code- 2828 :Hypochlorites; commercial calcium hypochlorite; chlorites; hypobromites

2828100000 Commodity calcium hypochlorite and other calcium hypochlorite
2828900000 Hypobromite, chlorite, other hypochlorite

ChinaHs Code- 2829 :Chlorates and perchlorates; bromates and perbromates; iodates and periodates

2829110000 Sodium chlorate
2829191000 Potassium chlorate (potassium chlorate)
2829199000 Other chlorate
2829900010 Pellet <500μm sphere blastine
2829900090 Other perchlorates, bromate and so on

ChinaHs Code - 2830 :Sulphides; polysulphides

2830101000 Sodium sulfide
2830109000 Other sodium sulfide
2830902000 Antimony trisulfide
2830903000 Cobaltous sulfide
2830909000 Other sulfide, polysulfide

ChinaHs Code- 2831 :Dithionites and sulphoxylates

2831101000 Sodium hyposulphite
2831102000 Sodium sulfoxylate
2831900000 Other hyposulphites and sulfoxylate

China Hs Code-2832 :Sulphites; thiosulphates

2832100000 Sodium sulfite
2832200000 Other sulfite
2832300000 Hyposulphite

ChinaHs Code - 2833 :Sulphates; alums; peroxosulphates ( persulphates )

2833110000 Sulfuric acid two sodium
2833190000 Sodium other sulfate
2833210000 Magnesium sulfate
2833220000 Aluminum sulfate
2833240000 Nickel sulfate
2833250000 Copper sulfate
2833270000 Barium sulfate
2833291000 Ferrous sulfate
2833292000 Chromium sulfate
2833293000 Zinc sulfate
2833299010 Cobaltous sulfate
2833299090 Other sulfate
2833301000 Potassium alum
2833309000 Other vitriol
2833400000 Peroxydisulfate

ChinaHs Code - 2834 :Nitrites; nitrates

2834100000 Nitrite
2834211000 The fertilizer uses the potassium nitrate
2834219000 The non-fertilizer uses the potassium nitrate
2834291000 Cobaltous nitrate
2834299001 Barium nitrate
2834299090 Other nitrate

ChinaHs Code- 2835: Phosphinates ( hypophosphites ), phosphonates ( phosphites ) and phosphates; polyphosphates

2835100000 Hypophosphite and phosphite
2835220000 Phosphoric acid sodium and phosphoric acid two sodium
2835240000 Potassium phosphate
2835251000 Feed level calcium hydrogen phosphate (dicalcium phosphate)
2835252000 Food grade calcium hydrogen phosphate (dicalcium phosphate)
2835259000 Other calcium hydrogen phosphate (dicalcium phosphate)
2835260000 Other calcium phosphate
2835291000 Trisodium phosphate
2835299000 Other phosphate
2835311000 Food grade sodium triphosphate (sodium tripolyphosphate)
2835319000 Other sodium triphosphate (sodium tripolyphosphate)
2835391100 Food grade sodium hexametaphosphate
2835391900 Other sodium hexametaphosphate
2835399000 Other polyphosphate

ChinaHs Code- 2836 :Carbonates; peroxocarbonates ( percarbonates ); commercial ammonium carbonate containing ammonium carbonate

2836200000 Sodium carbonate (soda ash)
2836300000 Sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate)
2836400000 Potassium carbonate
2836500000 Calcium carbonate
2836600000 Barium carbonate
2836910000 Lithium carbonate
2836920000 Strontium carbonate
2836991000 Magnesium carbonate
2836993000 Cobaltous carbonate
2836994000 Commodity ammonium carbonate and other ammonium carbonate
2836995000 Carbonic acid zirconium
2836999000 Other carbonates and percarbonate

China Hs Code - 2837 :Cyanides, cyanide oxides and complex cyanides

2837111000 Cyanide sodium
2837112000 Oxygen cyanide sodium
2837191000 Potassium cyanide
2837199011 Zinc cyanide, cuprous cyanide, cupric cyanide
2837199012 Nickelous cyanide, calcium cyanide
2837199013 Barium cyanide, cadmium cyanide, plumbous cyanide
2837199014 Cobaltous cyanide
2837199090 Other cyanides and oxygen cyanide
2837200011 Nickelous cyanide potassium, cyanide sodium copper zinc
2837200012 Cuprous cyanide (3) sodium, cuprous cyanide (3) potassium
2837200090 Other cyanogen complex compound

China Hs Code - 2839 :Silicates; commercial alkali metal silicates

2839110000 Sodium metasilicate
2839190000 Other sodium salt
2839900001 Zirconium silicate
2839900010 Lead silicate
2839900090 Other silicates;

China Hs Code - 2840 :Borates; peroxoborates ( perborates )

2840110000 Anhydrous sodium tetraborate
2840190000 Other sodium tetraborate
2840200000 Other borate
2840300000 Perborate

China Hs Code - 2841 :Salts of oxometallic or peroxometallic acids

2841300000 Sodium bichromate
2841500000 Other chromates and bichromate, monoperchromic acid salt
2841610000 Potassium permanganate
2841691000 Lithium manganate
2841699000 Manganite, other manganate and other permanganates
2841701000 Ammonium molybdate
2841709000 Other molybdate
2841801000 Ammonium paratungstate
2841802000 Sodium tungstate
2841803000 Calcium tungstate
2841804000 Ammonium metawolframate
2841809000 Other tungstate
2841900001 Cobalt sour lithium
2841900090 Other metal sour salt and metal sour salt

China Hs Code - 2842 :Other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids, excl azides

2842100000 Silicic acid duplicate salt and silicic acid complex salt
2842901000 Fulminate, cyanate and sulforhodanide
2842902000 Cadmium telluride
2842903000 Lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide compound
2842909013 Sodium arsenite, arsenous acid potassium, calcium arsenite
2842909014 Strintium arsenite, barium arsenite, ferric arsenite
2842909015 Cupric arsenite, zinc arsenite, arsenous acid lead
2842909016 Antimony arsenice, ammonium arsenate, arsenic acid deuterium ammonium
2842909017 Sodium arseniate sodium arsenate, sodium hydrogen arseniate, sodium dihydrogen arseniate
2842909018 Potassium arsenate, potassium dihydrogen arsenate, magnesium arsenate
2842909019 Calcium arsenate, barium arsenate, ferric arsenate
2842909021 Ferrous arsenate, cupric arsenate, arsenic acid zinc
2842909022 Lead arsenate, arsenic acid stibium, meta-arsenic acid sodium
2842909023 Lead selenide, cadmium selenide
2842909090 Other inorganic acid salt and oxygen sour salt

China Hs Code - 2843 :Colloidal precious metals; inorganic or organic compounds of precious metals; amalgams of precious metals

2843100000 Colloid precious metal
2843210000 Silver nitrate
2843290010 Silver cyanide, silver sodium cyanide, silver arsenite
2843290090 Other argentic compounds
2843300010 Gold tricyanide, potassium auric cyanide and so on
2843300090 Other golden compound
2843900010 Palladium chloride
2843900020 Platinum chloride
2843900030 Other platinum compound
2843900090 Other precious metal compound, precious metal amalgam

China Hs Code- 2844 :Radioactive chemical elements & radioactive isotopes & their compounds, etc

2844100000 Natural uranium and compound
2844200000 U235 enriched uranium, plutonium and compound
2844300000 U235 impoverishment uranium, thorium and compound
2844401010 Radium - 226 and compound
2844401090 Other radium and radium salt
2844402000 Radioactive cobalt and radioactive cobalt blue
2844409010 Uranium - 233 and compound
2844409090 Other radioactive element, isotope and compound
2844500000 The nuclear reactor has exhausted fuel element

China Hs Code- 2845 :Isotopes other than those of heading No2844; compounds, inorganicor organic, of such isotopes

2845100000 Heavy water (deuterium oxide)
2845900010 Besides heavy water deuterium and deuterium thing
2845900020 Boron - 10 isotopes and compound, mixture
2845900030 Concentrates the lithium - 6 isotopes and the compound mixture
2845900090 Other isotopes and other compound

China Hs Code - 2846 :Compounds, inorganic or organic, of rare-earth metals, of yttrium or of scandium or of mixtures of these metals

2846101000 Oxidized cerium
2846102000 Cerous hydroxide
2846103000 Cerous carbonate
2846109010 Cyaniding cerium
2846109090 Cerium other compound
2846901100 Yttrium oxide
2846901200 Lanthanum oxide
2846901300 Neodymium oxide
2846901400 Europium oxide
2846901500 Dysprosium oxide
2846901600 Terbium sesquioxide
2846901920 Erbium oxide
2846901930 Gadolinium sesquioxide
2846901940 Samarium oxide
2846901950 Praseodymium sesquioxide
2846901970 Ytterbium oxide
2846901980 Scandium oxide
2846901991 The lamp uses the rouge
2846901999 Other oxidized rare earth
2846902100 Terbium chloride
2846902200 Dysprosium chloride
2846902300 Lanthanum chloride
2846902800 Mix chlorination rare earth
2846902900 Has not mixed the chlorination rare earth
2846903100 Fluorizating terbium
2846903200 Fluorizating arrowhead
2846903300 Lanthanum fluoride
2846903900 Other fluorizating rare earth
2846904100 Lanthanum carbonate
2846904200 Terbium carbonate
2846904300 Dysprosium carbonate
2846904800 Mix carbonic acid rare earth
2846904900 Has not mixed the carbonic acid rare earth
2846909000 Rare-earth metal, yttrium, scandium other compound

China Hs Code - 2847 :Hydrogen peroxide, whether or not solidified with urea

2847000000 Hydrogen peroxide

China Hs Code- 2848 :Phosphides, whether or not chemically defined, excl ferrophosphorus

2848000010 Aluminum phosphide, zinc phosphide
2848000090 Other phosphide

China Hs Code- 2849 :Carbides, whether or not chemically defined

2849100000 Calcium carbide
2849200000 Silicon carbide
2849901000 Boron carbide
2849902000 Tungsten carbide
2849909000 Other carbides

ChinaHs Code - 2850 :Hydrides, nitrides, azides, silicides and borides, other than compounds which are also carbides of heading No 2849

2850001100 Nitrided manganese
2850001900 Other nitrides
2850009010 Arseniuretted hydrogen
2850009090 Other hydride, silicide and so on

China Hs Code -2852: Compounds, inorganic or organic

2852000000 Mercury inorganic or organic compound, amalgam exception

China Hs Code - 2853 : Other inorganic compounds (including distilled or conductivity water and water of similar purity); liquid air (whether or not rare gases have been removed); compressed air; amalgams, other than amalgams of precious metals

2853001000 Drinks the distilled water
2853002000 Chlorination cyanogen
2853009010 Drinks the pure water
2853009021 Cyanogen, iodine cyanide, cyaniding bromine and so on
2853009022 Zinc arsenide, gallium arsenide
2853009030 Single cyanamide
2853009090 Other inorganic compounds, compressed air and so on

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