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Chapter-29 Organic Chemicals Acyclic hydrocarbons and Cyclic hydrocarbons with their derivatives of hydrocarbons of Year 2009 - 10.

Hs Code Description

China Hs Code - 2901 : Acyclic hydrocarbons

2901100000 Saturated acyclic hydrocarbon
2901210000 Ethylene
2901220000 Propylene
2901231000 1- butene
2901232000 2- butene
2901233000 2- methyl propylene
2901241000 1,3- pyprolylene
2901242000 Isoprene
2901291000 Isopentene
2901292000 Acetylene
2901299010 Tempts insect alkene
2901299090 Other unsaturated acyclic hydrocarbons

China Hs Code - 2902: Cyclic hydrocarbons

2902110000 Cyclo-hexane
2902191000 Pinene
2902192000 4- alkyl - 4' - alkyl Shuanghuan cetane
2902199011 1- metayl cyclo propene
2902199012 d- limonene
2902199090 Other cycloalkanes, cycloolefen and link tie alkene
2902200000 Benzene
2902300000 Toluene
2902410000 Xylene
2902420000 M-xylol
2902430000 Xylene
2902440000 Xylol isomer
2902500000 Styrene
2902600000 Ethyl benzene
2902700000 Isopropyl benzene
2902901000 Four hydrogen naphthalene
2902902000 Fine naphthalene
2902903000 Lauryl benzene
2902904000 4- (4' - alkyl cyclohexyl) cyclohexyl ethylene
2902909010 Biphenyl
2902909090 Other aromatic hydrocarbon

China Hs Code - 2903 : Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons

2903110000 Methyl chloride and ethyl chloride
2903120001 Purity in 99% and above methylene chloride
2903120090 Other methylene chloride
2903130000 Chloroform
2903140010 Must uses in the cleansing agent the carbon tetrachloride
2903140090 Uses in the cleansing agent the carbon tetrachloride
2903150000 1,2- dichloroethane (ISO)
2903191010 1,1,1- trichlorethane (trichloroethane)
2903191090 1,1,1- trichlorethane (trichloroethane)
2903199000 Other acyclic hydrocarbons saturated chlorination derivative
2903210000 Chloroethylene
2903220000 Trichloroethylene
2903230000 Tetrachloroethylene
2903291000 3- chlorine - 1- propylene (chloropropene)
2903299010 1,1- acetylenedichloride
2903299090 Other acyclic hydrocarbons are not saturated chlorinate the derivative
2903310000 1,2- ethylene bromide (ISO)
2903391000 1,1,3,3,3- five fluorine - 2- three fluorine methyl - 1- propylene
2903399010 Methylene bromide
2903399020 Ethyl bromide
2903399030 Methyl iodide
2903399090 Other acyclic hydrocarbons fluorizating, bromination or iodizate derivative
2903410000 Trichloro fluorine methane
2903420000 Dichloro-difluro-methane
2903430010 The trichloro three fluorine ethane, uses in the cleansing agent exception
2903430090 The trichloro three fluorine ethane, uses in the cleansing agent
2903440010 Dichlorotetrafluoroethane
2903440090 Chlorine five fluorine ethane
2903451000 Chlorine fluoroform
2903452000 Pentachloro fluorine ethane
2903453000 Tetrachloride ethylidene perchloride
2903454000 Heptachlor propyl fluoride
2903455000 Six chlorine two propyl fluoride
2903456000 Pentachloro three propyl fluoride
2903457000 Tetrachloride four propyl fluoride
2903458000 Trichloro five propyl fluoride
2903459100 Two chlorine six propyl fluoride
2903459200 Chlorine seven propyl fluoride
2903459900 Other acyclic hydrocarbons entire halogenate derivative
2903460010 Bromochlorodifluoromethane
2903460020 Bromine fluoroform
2903460090 Two bromine four fluorine ethane
2903470000 Other acyclic hydrocarbons entire halogenate derivative
2903491011 Fluorine methylene chloride
2903491012 Two fluorine methyl chloride
2903491016 1,1,1- three fluorine - 2,2- dichloroethane
2903491017 1,1,1,2- four fluorine - 2- ethyl chloride
2903491021 Three fluorine monochlorethanes
2903491022 Fluorine dichloroethane
2903491023 1- fluorine - 1,1- dichloroethane
2903491024 Two fluorine monochlorethanes
2903491025 1,1- two fluorine - 1- ethyl chloride
2903491033 1,1,1,2,2- five fluorine - 3,3- acetone dichloride
2903491034 1,1,2,2,3- five fluorine - 1,3- acetone dichloride
2903491090 Other hydrogen chloro-fluoro-hydrocarbon class material
2903492000 Other contain the fluorine and bromine halogenate derivatives only and so on methane
2903499010 Two bromine propyl chloride
2903499090 Other acyclic hydrocarbons halogenate derivative
2903510010 Lindane (ISO, INN)
2903510090 1,2,3,4,5,6- six chlorine cyclo-hexane {666 (ISO)}
2903520010 Aldrin (ISO) and heptachlor (ISO)
2903520090 Chlorine Dan (ISO)
2903590010 Toxaphene
2903590030 Extinguishes the ant spirit
2903590090 Other halogenate derivatives and so on cycloalkanes or link alkene
2903611000 Dichlorobenzene
2903619010 1,4- phenyl-dichloride
2903619090 Chlorobenzene
2903620000 Benzene hexachloride (ISO) and DDT (ISO, INN)
2903691000 Chlorotoluene
2903692000 3,4- two chlorine three fluorine toluene
2903693000 4- (4' - alkyl phenyl) - 1- (4' - alkyl phenyl) - 2- monofluoro-benzene
2903699010 Multi-chlorine biphenyl, multi-bromine biphenyl
2903699030 Multi-chlorine three biphenyl (PCT)
2903699040 Barnyard grass grass alkene
2903699090 Other aromatic hydrocarbon halogenate derivative

China Hs code - 2904 : Sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of hydrocarbons, whether or not halogenated

2904100000 Contains the sulfo group derivative and the salt and ethyl ester only
2904201000 Nitrobenzene
2904202000 Nitrotoluene
2904203000 DNT
2904204000 TNT (TNT)
2904209010 Hexanitrostilbene qi
2904209020 4- nitryl biphenyl
2904209090 Other contain the nitryl or the nitroso-derivative only
2904901100 Neighbouring nitryl monochlorbenzol
2904901200 Between nitryl monochlorbenzol
2904901300 To nitryl monochlorbenzol
2904902000 Dinitro naphthol monochlorbenzol
2904903000 Chloropicrin
2904909011 Chlorine niter propane
2904909012 Tetrachloride nitrobenzene
2904909013 Pentachloronitrobenzene
2904909090 Other hydrocarbon sulfonation, nitration, nitrosation derivative

China Hs Code - 2905: Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives

2905110000 Methyl alcohol
2905121000 Propanol
2905122000 Isopropyl alcohol
2905130000 Normal butyl alcohol
2905141000 Isobutyl alcohol
2905142000 zhong butylacohol
2905143000 Tertiary butyl alcohol
2905161000 Propyl butyl-carbinol
2905169000 Propyl butyl-carbinol isomer
2905170000 Dodecyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol and octadecyl alcohol
2905191000 3,3- dimethyl Ding - 2- mellow (pinacolyl alcohol)
2905199010 Melissyl alcohol
2905199090 Other saturated monohydroxy-alcohols
2905221000 Fragrant phytol, nerol
2905222000 The cymbopogon spp is mellow
2905223000 Linalool
2905229000 Other ringless tie olefinic alcohol
2905290000 Other not saturated monohydroxy-alcohol
2905310000 1,2- glycol
2905320000 1,2- trimethylene glycol
2905391000 2,5- dimethyl hexandiol
2905399001 1,3- trimethylene glycol
2905399002 1,4- butylene-glycol
2905399010 Drives the mosquito to be mellow
2905399090 Other dihydroxy alcohol
2905410000 Three methylol propane
2905420000 Pentaerythritol
2905430000 Mannitol
2905440000 Sorbitol
2905450000 Glycerol (glycerine)
2905491000 Xylitol
2905499000 Other polyolses
2905510000 Second grade chlorine Uygur
2905590010 Second grade chlorine Uygur salt
2905590020 2- chloroethanol
2905590030 Bromine niter mellow
2905590040 Mouse Gansu bends down
2905590090 Other non-derivatives and so on cyclitol halogenate, sulfonation

China Hs Code - 2906 : Cyclic alcohols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives

2906110000 Menthol
2906120000 Cyclohexanol, methyl-cyclohexanol, dimethyl cyclohexanol
2906131000 Sterol
2906132000 Phaseomannite
2906191000 tie is mellow
2906199011 Arab League law androstanediol
2906199012 Androstenediol (isomer)
2906199013 Male - 5- alkene - 3α, 17α - two mellow
2906199090 Other cycloalkanes are mellow, surround the olefinic alcohol and the link tie olefinic alcohol
2906210000 The animal pen is mellow
2906291000 2- benzyl ethyl alcohol
2906299010 Trichloro kills mellowly man, kills mellowly man
2906299090 Other aromatic alcohol

China Hs Code - 2907 : Phenols; phenol-alcohols

2907111000 Phenol
2907119000 Phenol salt
2907121100 Meta cresol
2907121200 Orthocresol
2907121900 Other cresols
2907129000 Cresol salt
2907131000 Nonyl phenol, 4- nonyl phenol, nonyl phenol
2907139000 Octyl phenol and isomer
2907151000 Beta - naphthol (2- naphthol)
2907159000 Other naphthol and naphtholate
2907191000 Neighbor zhong butyl phenol, neighbouring isopropyl group phenol
2907199011 Neighbouring xenol and salt
2907199012 Neighbouring allyl phenol and salty
2907199090 Other monohydric phenols
2907210000 Resorcinol
2907221000 Hydroquinone
2907229000 Hydroquinone salt
2907230001 Double phenol A
2907230090 Double phenol A salt
2907291000 Catechol
2907299010 Germ phenol
2907299090 Other polyhydric phenol;

China Hs Code - 2908 : Halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of phenols or phenol-alcohols

2908110000 Pentachlorophenol
2908191000 To chlorinated phenols
2908199021 Standard man ester
2908199022 Double chlorphenol
2908199023 Pentachloro sodium phenolate
2908199090 Other contain the halogen substituting group derivative and the salt only
2908910000 Le Fen and salt and ester
2908991010 4- nitrophenol
2908991090 Paranitrophenyl sodium phenolate
2908999021 Fragrance man ester
2908999022 Disappears man phenol
2908999023 Fifth heavenly stem niter phenol
2908999024 Special Le Fen
2908999025 Two niter phenol
2908999090 Other phenol and phenolic alcohol derivatives and so on halogenate

China Hs Code -2909 : Ethers, ether-alcohols, ether-phenols, ether-alcohol-phenols, alcohol peroxides, ether peroxides, ketone peroxides, etc

2909110000 Ether
2909191000 Methyl ether
2909199011 Eight chlorine dipropyl ether
2909199012 Two chlorine isopropyl ethers
2909199090 Other ringless derivative and so on ether and halogenate
2909208100 1,8- eucalyptole
2909208900 Other link tie alkene ether
2909209000 Cycloalkanes ether, cycloolefen ether
2909301000 1- alkoxyl - 4- (4- ethenyl cyclohexyl) - 2,3- two monofluoro-benzene
2909309011 Armor oxygen DDT, nitrofen
2909309012 Ether chrysanthemum ester, animal pen man ether, three fluorine ether
2909309013 Chloroanisole, armor oxygen nitrofen
2909309014 Three fluorine niter grass ether, grass dry ether
2909309015 Fluorine nitrofen, second grade oxygen fluorine grass ether
2909309090 Other fragrant ether and halogenate.
2909410000 2,2 ' - the oxygen unites two ethyl alcohol (diglycol)
2909430000 Glycol or diglycol single butyl ether
2909440000 Glycol or diglycol other single alkyl oxides
2909491000 The cresoxy animal pen is mellow
2909499000 Other ether alcohols and derivative
2909500000 Ether phenol, ether alcohol phenol and derivative
2909600000 Peroxidation mellow, peroxidation ether, peroxidation alkone

China Hs Code - 2910 : Epoxides, epoxyalcohols, epoxyphenols & epoxyethers, with a 3-membered ring, and their derivatives

2910100000 Oxirane
2910200000 Methyl oxirane (propylene oxide)
2910300000 1- chlorine - 2,3- epoxypropane (epichlorohydrin)
2910400000 Dieldrin (ISO, INN)
2910900010 Different dieldrin
2910900020 Extinguishes the grass link
2910900090 Triatomic ring epoxide, epoxy mellow (phenol, ether)

China Hs Code - 2911 : Acetals and hemiacetals, and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives

2911000000 Acetal.

China Hs Code - 2912 : Aldehydes; cyclic polymers of aldehydes; paraformaldehyde

2912110000 Formaldehyde
2912120000 Acetaldehyde
2912190001 Oxaldehyde
2912190030 Acrolein
2912190090 Other ringless aldehyde
2912210000 Benzaldehyde
2912291000 Lily-of-the-valley aldehyde
2912299000 Other link aldehyde
2912300000 Aldehyde alcohol
2912410000 Vanilla (3- methoxy - 4- hydroxyl benzaldehyde)
2912420000 Ethyl vanillin
2912490000 Other aldoses, aldehyde phenol
2912500010 Methaldehyde
2912500090 Other links gather the aldehyde
2912600000 Paraformaldehyde

China Hs Code - 2913 : Halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of products of heading No2912

2913000010 Trichloroacetaldehyde acetochloral
2913000090 Item 2912 arrange in order the product other derivatives

China Hs Code - 2914 : Ketones and quinones, and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives

2914110000 Acetone
2914120000 Methyl ethyl ketone [methyl ethyl (1) alkone]
2914130000 4- methyl - 2- pentanone
2914190010 Pinacolone
2914190090 Other do not contain the oxygen radical non-cyclic ketone including other
2914210000 Dextrorotary camphor, camphor
2914220000 Link already alkone and methyl link already alkone
2914230000 zhi fragrant alkone and methyl zhi fragrant alkone
2914290000 Other naphthenones.
2914310000 Phenyl propanone (benzyl third - 2- alkone)
2914391000 Hypnone
2914399011 Kills mouse alkone
2914399012 Mouse
2914399013 Enemy mouse
2914399090 Other do not contain oxygen radical fragrant alkone including other
2914400010 Enemy mouse sodium
2914400020 3β - hydroxyl - 5α - androstane - 17- alkone, table testosterone
2914400090 Other keto-alcohols and keto-aldehyde
2914501100 Red and yellow garden raspberry alkone
2914501900 Other alkone phenol
2914502000 2- hydroxyl - 4- methoxy diphenyl ketone
2914509011 Benzene grass alkone , double alkyne acid radical fungus amine
2914509012 Armor oxygen insect acid radical jing
2914509090 Contains the oxygen radical alkone including other
2914610000 Anthraquinone
2914690010 Emodin methyl ether
2914690090 Other quinone
2914700011 Chlorine mouse alkone, table benzene grass alkone, yin grass alkone
2914700012 Dichloronaphthalene quinone
2914700013 Tetrachloride p-benzo-quinone
2914700014 Six chloroacetone
2914700015 Chlorophacinone sodium salt
2914700090 Other alkone and quinone halogenate, sulfonation derivative

China Hs Code : 2915 Saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids and their anhydrides, halides, peroxides and peroxyacids; their derivatives

2915110000 Formic acid
2915120000 Formiate
2915130000 Formiate
2915211100 Food grade glacial acetic acid (glacial acetic acid)
2915211900 Other glacial acetic acid (glacial acetic acid)
2915219000 Other ethanoic acid
2915240000 Second grade acid anhydride (acetic anhydride)
2915291000 Sodium acetate
2915299011 Cupric acetate
2915299023 Lead acetate
2915299090 Other acetate
2915310000 Ethyl acetate
2915320000 Vinyl acetate
2915330000 Ethanoic acid Ding Zhi
2915360000 Happy phenol (ISO) acetate
2915390011 Trichloro insect disinfestation ester
2915390013 Special Le Zhi
2915390014 Extinguishes man quinone
2915390015 The red tintinnid tempts element
2915390016 Plants clothes ester
2915390090 Other acetates
2915400010 Monochloracetic acid sodium
2915400090 Other chloro-acetic acid salt and ester
2915501000 Propionic acid
2915509000 Propionate and ester
2915600000 Butyric acid, propyl-acetic acid and salt and ester
2915701000 Stearic acid
2915709000 Palmitic acid and salt and ester, stearate, ester
2915900011 Bushes dry
2915900012 Damps grass loose
2915900013 Four fluorine propionic acid
2915900020 Fluorine sodium acetate
2915900090 Other saturated ringless monocarboxylic acids and acid anhydride

China Hs Code -  2916 :  Unsaturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids, cyclic monocarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, etc; derivatives

2916110000 Acrylic acid and salt
2916121000 Methyl acrylate
2916122000 Ethyl acrylate
2916123001 Acrylic acid Ding Zhi
2916123090 Acrylic acid different Ding Zhi
2916124000 Acrylic acid different Xin Zhi
2916129000 Other acrylic ester
2916130000 Methylacrylic acid and salt
2916140000 Methylacrylate
2916150000 Oleic acid, linoleic acid or linolenic acid and salt and ester
2916190011 Alkene insect ethyl ester
2916190012 Alkene insect alkyne ester
2916190013 Disappears man Pu
2916190090 Other not saturated ringless monocarboxylic acid
2916201000 DV chrysanthemic acid methyl ester, two bromine chrysanthemic acids
2916209021 Animal pen chrysanthemum ester, phenylate chrysanthemum ester
2916209022 Animal pen alkene chrysanthemum ester, chlorine chrysanthemum ester
2916209023 Chlorine alkene alkyne chrysanthemum ester, biphenyl chrysanthemum ester
2916209024 Seven fluorine chrysanthemum ester, four monofluoro-benzene chrysanthemum ester, five monofluoro-benzene chrysanthemum ester , seven fluorine methyl ether chrysanthemum ester
2916209025 Fifth heavenly stem chrysanthemum ester, link man ester
2916209026 Four fluorine methyl ether chrysanthemum ester, alkene alkyne chrysanthemum ester
2916209027 Alkyne third chrysanthemum ester
2916209028 Proparagyl chloride chrysanthemum ester
2916209090 Other (cycloalkanes.
2916310020 2- (acetoxy) benzoic acid
2916310090 Other benzoic acid and salt and ester
2916320000 Benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl chloride
2916340010 Phenylacetic acid
2916340090 Phenylacetic acid salt
2916350000 Phenylacetic acid ester
2916360000 Le Shaman (ISO)
2916391000 Neighbouring methyl-toluate
2916392000 Cloth Luo river fragrance
2916399012 Grass bud fear, oats ester
2916399013 5- nitryl neighbouring methoxy sodium benzoate
2916399014 To chlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid and salty
2916399015 Triiodobenzoic acid
2916399016 Naphthylacetic acid
2916399017 Cuts down grass gram
2916399018 Alpha - naphthylacetic acid and salty
2916399090 Other fragrant monocarboxylic acids

China Hs Code - 2917 :  Polycarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, halides, peroxides and peroxyacids; their derivatives

2917111000 Oxalic acid
2917112000 Oxalic acid cobalt
2917119000 Other oxalate and ester
2917120001 Adipic acid
2917120090 Adipic acid salt and ester
2917131000 Sebacic acid and salt and ester
2917139000 Azelaic acid and salt and ester
2917140000 Maleic anhydride
2917190010 Expelling worms especially , niter benzene fungus ester
2917190090 Other ringless polybasic carboxylic acid
2917201000 Four hydrogen benzene bitter wine
2917209010 Drives the mosquito to work
2917209090 Other (cycloalkanes, cycloolefen, link tie alkene) polybasic carboxylic acid
2917320000 Phthalic acid two Xin Zhi
2917330000 Phthalic acid two ninth stem ester and so on
2917341010 Drives the mosquito to bite
2917341090 Other phthalic acid dibutyl ester
2917349010 Evades the mosquito ester
2917349090 Other phthalic acid ester
2917350000 Phthalic anhydride (benzene bitter wine)
2917361100 Fine dicarboxylic acid
2917361900 Other dicarboxylic acid
2917369000 Dicarboxylic acid salt
2917370000 Dicarboxylic acid dimethyl ester
2917391000 Benzene m dicarboxylic acid
2917399011 tai fungus ester
2917399012 Chlorine tai sour methyl ester
2917399013 Chlorine tai acid
2917399090 Other fragrant polybasic carboxylic acid

China Hs Code - 2918 :  Carboxylic acids with additional oxygen function and their anhydrides, halides,  peroxides and peroxyacids; their derivatives

2918110000 Lactic acid and salt and ester
2918120000 Tartaric acid
2918130000 Tartrate and tartar diethylene glycol dinitrate
2918140000 Citric acid
2918150000 Citrate and lemon diethylene glycol dinitrate
2918160000 Glyconic acid and salt and ester
2918180000 The ethyl ester kills mellowly man
2918191000 2,2- diphenyl - 2- hydroxyacetic acid
2918199010 Benzoin methyl glycolate
2918199030 Gamma - hydroxy-butyric acid and salt
2918199041 The propyl ester kills mellowly man
2918199042 Bromine man ester
2918199043 wu Ding Zhi
2918199044 The reshaping is mellow
2918199090 Other but do not contain the oxygen radical carboxylic acid including the mellow base including other
2918211000 Salicylic acid, sodium salicylate
2918219000 Other salicylate
2918221000 Neighbouring aspirin (aspirin)
2918229000 Neighbouring acetyl salicylate and ester
2918230000 Salicylic acid other ester and salt
2918290000 Other but do not contain the oxygen radical carboxylic acid including the phenolic group including other
2918300011 Pyrethrum element I, pyrethrum element II
2918300012 Melon Ye Jusu I, melon Ye Jusu II
2918300013 Jasmine alkone chrysanthemum element I, jasmine alkone chrysanthemum element II
2918300014 Cyclopentene third chrysanthemum ester
2918300015 Adjusts the naphthenic acid, the anti-but actually ester, link insect chrysanthemum ester
2918300016 Alkene third chrysanthemum ester and so on
2918300017 Es- biology alkene third chrysanthemum ester, biological alkene third chrysanthemum ester and so on
2918300018 Acetylfluoride chrysanthemum ester
2918300090 Other do not contain the oxygen radical carboxylic acid including the aldehyde group or the keto including other
2918910000 2,4,5- tears (ISO) (2,4,5- trichlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid) and salt or ester
2918990021 2,4- drop, 2,4- drop of propionic acid, 2,4- drop of butyric acid and so on
2918990022 2 and so on armor 4 chlorine, 2 armor 4 chlorine propionic acid
2918990023 2 armor 4 chloro-butyric acid
2918990024 The wheat straw fear, kills the grass fear
2918990025 The graminaceous grass works, the young fluorine graminaceous grass spirit
2918990026 Fluorine naphthalene graminaceous grass spirit, armor suo nitrofen
2918990027 Three fluorine suo grass ether, second grade suo fluorine grass ether
2918990028 Fluorine lactolide, accent tartaric acid, place tartaric acid
2918990029 Increases the sugar ester, falls off the acid, the chlorine fluorine grass ether ethyl ester
2918990090 Other contain the oxygen radical carboxylic acid including other attachments

China Hs Code - 2919 :  Phosphoric esters and their salts; their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives

2919100000 Three (2,3- two bromine propyl) phosphate
2919900020 Tributyl phosphate
2919900031 Enemy enemy calcium, phosphate insecticide
2919900032 Fast extinguishes the phosphorus, two bromine phosphorus
2919900033 Palestinian poisonous phosphorus, insect disinfestation fear
2919900034 Poisonous insect fear, methyl poisonous insect fear
2919900035 Heptylene phosphorus, tetraethyl pyrophosphate
2919900036 Three second grade phosphine acid aluminum, second grade phosphine acid
2919900037 The chlorine acute communicable disease phosphorus, cuts down grass phosphorus
2919900090 Other phosphate and salt (including young phosphate)

China Hs Code - 2920 :  Esters of other inorganic acids ( excl esters of hydrogen halides ) and their salts; their derivatives

2920110000 Parathion (ISO) and methyl parathion (ISO)
2920190012 Chlorine oxygen phosphorus, insect man fear
2920190013 Kills the snout moth sulfur phosphorus, eliminates the line phosphorus
2920190014 Different chlorine phosphorus, Pi Yinglin
2920190015 Bromine sulfur phosphorus, ethyl bromide sulfur phosphorus, niter insect sulfur phosphorus
2920190016 Methyl efficiency phosphorus, efficiency phosphorus
2920190017 Iodine sulfur phosphorus, benzene Dauwenjin
2920190018 The methyl sets up the dry phosphorus, the gram fungus phosphorus
2920190019 Fast kills the sulfur phosphorus, the abundant third phosphorus
2920190090 Other sulfo- phosphate and salt
2920901100 Asian trimethyl phosphate
2920901200 Triethyl-phosphite
2920901300 Phosphorous acid dimethyl ester
2920901400 Phosphorous acid diethyl ester
2920901900 Phosphorous acid ester
2920909011 Sulfur Dan
2920909012 Governs snout moth phosphorus
2920909013 Disappears man passes
2920909014 Alkyne man especially
2920909015 Soaks seeds the phosphorus
2920909016 Match pine
2920909020 Triethyl arseniate
2920909090 Other inorganic diethylene glycol dinitrate (not including haolgen hydride ester)

China Hs Code - 2921 :  Amine-function compounds

2921110010 Dimethylamine
2921110020 Dimethylamine muriate
2921110090 Methylamine, trimethylamine and salt
2921191000 Two propylamines
2921192000 Isopropyl amine
2921193000 N, N- two (2- chlorine ethyl) ethylamine
2921194000 N, N- two (2- chlorine ethyl) methylamine
2921195000 Three (2- chlorine ethyl) amine
2921196000 Two alkane amino ethyl - 2- chlorine and corresponding nature alite
2921199011 Triethylamine
2921199020 Two isopropyl amines
2921199031 2- amino butane
2921199032 Dichloropropylene amine
2921199033 Amine fresh ester
2921199090 Other ringless Shan An and derivative and salt
2921211000 Ethylene diamine
2921219000 Ethylene diamine salt
2921221000 Already two acid already diamidogen salt (nylon - 66 salts)
2921229000 Six methyl radical diamidogen and other salts
2921290000 Other ringless multi-amines and derivative
2921300010 Third oneself Mr. and salt
2921300030 Amino carboxylic acid cyclopropane
2921300090 Other links (alkane.
2921411000 Aniline
2921419000 Aniline salt
2921420011 Chlorine nitro-amine
2921420012 The enemy rusts sodium
2921420013 Benzene grass ether
2921420090 Other anilses and salty
2921430010 Fluorine Le Ling
2921430020 Ortho-toluidine
2921430031 Bromine mouse amine
2921430032 Second grade Ding Fuling
2921430033 The chlorine second grade fluorine works
2921430034 Cyclopropane fluorine spirit
2921430035 The second grade butene fluorine works
2921430036 Works happy
2921430037 Chlorine ethylin
2921430038 Fluorine festival amine
2921430090 Toluidine and derivative as well as their salt
2921440000 Diphenylamine and derivative as well as their salt
2921450010 2- naphtyylamine
2921450090 1- naphtyylamine and 2- naphtyylamine derivative and salt
2921460011 Amphetamine, animal pen must he bright, right benzedrine
2921460012 Second grade he bright, the profuse ridge law bright, favorable must he is must bright
2921460013 The left benzedrine, beautiful fragrance Lei Si, Fendt are bright
2921491000 To isopropyl aniline
2921492000 Xylidine
2921493000 2,6- methyl ethyl-aniline
2921494000 2,6- two ethyl aniline
2921499011 Different third works happy
2921499012 zhong ding ling
2921499013 Two armor fifth heavenly stem spirit
2921499020 4- phenylaniline
2921499031 The second grade link advantage decides, the dimethyl amphetamine
2921499032 Profuse fluorine laming, dextrorotary profuse fluorine laming
2921499090 Other fragrant Shan An and derivative and their salt
2921511000 Neighbouring phenylene diamine
2921519011 The ammonia fluorine works
2921519012 The ammonia fluorine works happy
2921519020 2,4- two amino toluenes
2921519090 -, To - and so on phenylene diamine, two amino toluenes
2921590010 Three amino trinitrobenzenes
2921590020 Benzidine
2921590031 4,4' - two aminos - 3,3' - two chlorine diphenyl methane
2921590032 3,3' - two chlorine benzidine
2921590033 4,4' - two amino diphenyl methane
2921590090 Other fragrant multi-amines and derivative and their salt

China Hs Code - 2922 :  Oxygen-function amino-compounds

2922111000 Leica dopamine and hydrochloric acid Leica dopamine
2922119001 Other monoethanolamines
2922119090 Monoethanolamine salt
2922120001 Diethanolamine
2922120090 Diethanolamine salt
2922131000 Triethanolamine
2922132020 Triethanolamine muriate
2922132090 Other triethanolamine salt
2922140000 Right third oxygen fen (INN) and salt
2922191000 Ethylamine butylacohol
2922192100 Two armor ethanolamines and protonizing salt
2922192210 2- diethyl amino ethanol
2922192290 Diethyl amino ethanol protonizing salt
2922192900 Other two alkane amino second grade - 2- mellow and protonizing salt
2922193000 MDEA
2922194000 Methyldiethanolamine
2922195000 This wu mellow
2922199010 Production increase amine
2922199020 Kelunteluo
2922199031 Vinegar US Sha Duo, Arab League vinegar US Sha Duo, Arab League French and US sand
2922199032 Time of vinegar US Sha Duo, time of his beautiful sand
2922199033 US Sha Duo, beautiful heptyl alcohol, Meisha
2922199090 Other amino-alcohols and ether, ester and their salty
2922210000 Amino hydroxyl naphthalene monosulfonic acid and salt
2922291000 Anisidine, two anisidines, amino phenetole and so on
2922299011 Cloth benzedrine, two methoxy ethyl amphetamine
2922299012 Two methoxy amphetamine, vice-methoxy amphetamine
2922299013 Two methoxy toluene isopropyl amine, sanchia oxygen radical amphetamine
2922299014 2,5- two methoxy - 4- monobromo-benzene ethylamine, assists Xin
2922299090 Other aminos (naphthol.
2922310010 An Feila alkone and salt
2922310020 Methadone, goes to armor methadone and their salt
2922391000 4- methyl armor Cassie alkone and salt
2922399010 Ketamine and salt
2922399020 Extinguishes the algae quinone
2922399030 Different methadone and salt
2922399040 Armor Cassie alkone and salt
2922399090 Other amino-aldehydes, keto-amine and salt
2922411000 Lysine
2922419000 Lysine ester and lysine salt
2922421000 Glutanic acid
2922422000 Glutanic acid sodium
2922429000 Other glutanic acid salt
2922431000 Neighbouring benzaminic acid (anthranilic acid)
2922439000 Neighbouring benzaminic acid (anthranilic acid) salt
2922440000 Decides (INN) and the salt for the advantage
2922491010 An Minai Ding and salt
2922491090 Other amino acids
2922499100 Procaine
2922499911 The grass extinguishes the fear
2922499912 Extinguishes kills the prestige, extinguishes eliminates the prestige, mixes extinguishes the prestige and so on
2922499913 This gram prestige, extinguishes harms the prestige, removes harmful things prestige
2922499914 Different third prestige
2922499915 zhong Ding Wei, the livestock insect prestige, gathers kills the prestige
2922499916 Methyl naphthalene prestige, Mai Wei, tick louse prestige
2922499917 The benzene oxygen prestige, eliminates line prestige
2922499918 Ammonia acid radical propionic acid (muriate)
2922499990 Other amino acids and ester and their salt
2922500010 Qu Maduo
2922500090 Other amino-alcohol phenol, amino acid phenol

China Hs Code - 2923 :  Quaternary ammonium salts and hydroxides; lecithins and other phosphoaminolipids

2923100000 Choline and salty
2923200000 Lecithin and other phosphorus amino class fat
2923900011 Cycocel
2923900012 Chrysanthemum amine ester
2923900090 Other quaternary ammonium salt and quaternary ammonium alkali

China Hs Code - 2924 :  Carboxyamide-function compounds; amide-function compounds of carbonic acid

2924110000 Armor third ammonia ester
2924120010 Fluorine acetamide (ISO)
2924120090 Long effect phosphorus (ISO) and phospham (ISO)
2924191000 Dimethyl formamide
2924199012 Hundred governs the phosphorus
2924199013 Bromine acetamide
2924199014 Frost mildew prestige
2924199015 Ye Kuque
2924199016 Two propylene grass amine
2924199017 Xie Caoxi
2924199018 Drives mosquito ester
2924199030 Armor third ammonia ester salt
2924199040 Acrylic amide
2924199090 Other ringless amides (including ringless carbaminate)
2924210010 Fluorine link urea
2924210090 Other ureides and derivative as well as their salt
2924230010 2- acetyl benzaminic acid, N- acetyl neighbouring benzaminic acid
2924230090 2- acetyl benzaminic acid salt
2924240000 Alkyne already ant amine
2924291000 To acetyl amino phenetole (phenacetin)
2924292000 To acetyl amino-phenol (paracetamol)
2924299011 Evades the mosquito amine, extinguishes the rust amine, Ye Kutai, the big catkin willow fungus amine, fluorine Ding Xiancao the amine
2924299012 The naphthalene grass amine, new Yan Ling, the non-grass prosperous, the chlorine alkyne works , the animal pen grass is prosperous
2924299013 The oats spirit, the animal pen amine works, the special grass works, the special amine spirit, the cyclopropane imide
2924299014 Poisonous herb amine, butene grass amine, two chlorine hexanoyl grass amine
2924299015 Naphthalene propylamine, forage grass amine, bromine Ding Xiancao amine
2924299016 The chloroformyl grass amine, wheat straw Fu M, the wheat straw bend down
2924299017 Chlorine insect acid radical jing, different third armor grass amine, benzene peptide amino acid and so on
2924299020 Fluorine ureide, link propionyl grass amine, alkene grass amine
2924299031 The aniline spirit, the benzene frost works, the third grass amine, the enemy barnyard grass and so on
2924299032 Enemy grass amine, enemy grass prosperous, xylene grass amine and so on
2924299033 Oenanthyl grass amine, cyclopropane grass amine, link acid radical grass amine, fluorine insect prosperous and so on
2924299034 Armor chlorine acid radical grass amine, armor frost spirit, link grass prosperous and so on
2924299035 The methyl kills the grass prosperously, the dry green bristlegrass and so on prosperous, neighbouring amide
2924299036 Extinguishes the grass prosperously, extinguishes the young urea, and so on alkyne benzoyl grass amine
2924299037 Louse man urea, double benzoyl grass amine, double acid radical grass amine and so on
2924299038 Beet peaceful, especially Ding Caoan, and so on second grade oxygen benzene grass amine
2924299039 Acetyl armor grass amine, different third prosperous, different grass prosperous and so on
2924299040 Alkyne already ant amine salt
2924299050 Graciousness propylamine and salt
2924299090 Other link amide (including link carbaminate)

China Hs Code - 2925 :  Carboxyimide-function compounds ( incl saccharin and its salts )  and imine-function compounds

2925110000 Saccharine and salt
2925120000 Grewe Mitter
2925190010 Grewe Mitter's salt
2925190021 The spoiled mildew benefits
2925190022 The hyphal cluster, the dichlozoline, the armor fungus advantage, the second grade fungus benefit only
2925190023 Fluorine alkene oxalic acid
2925190024 Amine chrysanthemum ester
2925190090 Other imides and derivative, salt
2925210000 Insect disinfestation trunk (ISO)
2925290011 Kills man, kills man the trunk especially
2925290012 Shan Jiami, cuts down the insect trunk, the propane trunk
2925290013 Alkene wo fungus amine, alkene wo fungus ester, ether fungus ester
2925290014 Biguanide octyl amine, multi-fruits ding, biguanide octyl amine acetate and so on
2925290015 The graminaceous grass extinguishes, the fluorine grass ether, production increase wo
2925290016 Chloro- big catkin willow amine, biguanide Xin acetate, along hexenol
2925290020 Hydroxy imines and salt
2925290030 Double armor trunk
2925290090 Other imines and derivative as well as their salt

China Hs Code - 2926 :  Nitrile-function compounds

2926100000 Propylene nitrile
2926200000 1- dicyandiamide (dicyandiamide)
2926300010 Methadone intermediate
2926300020 Fragrance Prey department and salt
2926901000 To chlorine cyanogen animal pen
2926902000 Benzene two armor nitrile
2926909010 Armor cyanogen chrysanthemum ester, S- cyanogen fifth heavenly stem chrysanthemum ester, chlorine fluorine cyanogen chrysanthemum ester
2926909020 Adipic dinitrile
2926909031 Chlorine cyanogen chrysanthemum ester, fluorine chlorine cyanogen chrysanthemum ester and so on
2926909032 Kills and so on snout moth nitrile, methyl phoxim
2926909033 Chlorine phoxim, fifth heavenly stem cyanogen prestige, and so on phenylate cyanogen chrysanthemum ester
2926909034 Sym-methyl ethyl-ethylene cyanogen chlorine chrysanthemum ester, bromine chlorine cyanogen chrysanthemum ester
2926909035 Bromine cyanogen chrysanthemum ester, four bromine chrysanthemum ester, fluorine third chrysanthemum ester
2926909036 Fluorochlorobenzene chrysanthemum ester, cyanogen fifth heavenly stem chrysanthemum ester, second grade cyanogen chrysanthemum ester
2926909037 The fluorine cyanogen fifth heavenly stem chrysanthemum ester, the bromine fluorine chrysanthemum ester, the bromine extinguish the chrysanthemum ester
2926909038 Cyanogen fungus amine, daconil, frost urea cyanogen, bromine fungus nitrile
2926909039 Fluorine amine cyanogen chrysanthemum ester, cyanogen fluorine grass ester, benzene cyanogen chrysanthemum ester
2926909050 Phoxim
2926909090 Other nitrile base compound

China Hs Code - 2927 :  Diazo-, azo- or azoxy-compounds

2927000010 Enemy sulfur sodium
2927000090 Other diazonium compounds, azo compound and so on

China Hs Code - 2928 :  Organic derivatives of hydrazine or of hydroxylamine

2928000010 Two armor jing
2928000020 Methyl jing
2928000031 Damps the food jing, insect acid radical jing, Ding Xianjing, biphenyl jing ester
2928000032 Green Gu Long, bromine Gu Long, advantage Gu Long, the chlorine bromine are prosperous
2928000033 Bromophenol wo, second grade two wo
2928000034 Benzene man especially
2928000035 Quinone wo zong
2928000036 Pseudocumene grass alkone
2928000037 Xie Caoan nitrile
2928000090 Other jing (hydrazine) and hai (oxyammonia) organic derivative

China Hs Code - 2929 :  Compounds with other nitrogen function

2929101000 Toluene two isocyanogen diethylene glycol dinitrate (TDI)
2929102000 Xylene two isocyanogen diethylene glycol dinitrate (TODI)
2929103000 Diphenyl methane two isocyanogen diethylene glycol dinitrate (pure MDI)
2929104000 Six Asian base methane two isocyanogen diethylene glycol dinitrate
2929109000 Other isocyanogen diethylene glycol dinitrate
2929901000 Link already base thionamic acid sodium (happy element)
2929902000 Two alkane amino phosphine acid radical two halogen
2929903000 Two alkane amino phosphine acid two alkane ester
2929904000 Acetyl methylamine phosphorus
2929909011 The amine third fear, the amine grass phosphorus, damps the grass phosphorus, the butylbenzene grass alkone and so on
2929909012 Different Liu Lin, methyl different Liu Lin, propylamine fluorine phosphorus and so on
2929909013 Eight armor phosphorus, nurture the livestock phosphorus, Gan Anliu and so on phosphorus
2929909090 Other contain the nitrilo-D compound

China Hs Code - 2930 :  Organo-sulphur compounds

2930200011 Graminaceous grass Dan, kills snout moth Dan
2930200012 Prestige hundred Chinese acre, generation of woods sodium, third woods zinc, lucky beautiful iron and so on
2930200013 Oats enemy, wild Mai Wei, sulfur grass enemy
2930200014 Animal pen grass Dan, fifth heavenly stem grass Dan, level ground grass Dan, zhong grass Dan
2930200015 Ding Caodi, the gram grass enemy, the cushion grass enemy, extinguish the grass enemy and so on
2930200016 Bacterium sulfureum prestige, vegetable grass fear
2930200090 Other sulfo- carbaminates (or ester)
2930300010 Thiram
2930300090 Other sulfide of two hydrocarbon amino sulfur carbo- and so on
2930400000 Methionine (methionine)
2930500010 Methylamine phosphorus (ISO)
2930500020 Captafol (ISO)
2930901000 Cystine (cystine)
2930902000 Dithio- carbonic ether (either salt) [xanthonate (or salt)]
2930909011 Alkene standing grain ding , Shuanghuan sulfur grass alkone, fluorine insect amide, fluorine insect double amide
2930909013 2- chlorine monochlorethane methyl thio-ether
2930909014 Two (2- chlorine ethyl) thio-ether
2930909015 Two (2- chlorine ethylthio-) methane
2930909016 1,2- two (2- chlorine ethylthio-) ethane
2930909017 1,3- two (2- chlorine ethylthio-) propane
2930909018 1,4- two (2- chlorine ethylthio-) normal butane
2930909019 1,5- two (2- chlorine ethylthio-) n-pentane
2930909021 Two (2- chlorine ethylthio- methyl) ether
2930909022 Two (2- chlorine ethylthio- ethyl) ether
2930909023 The amine attracts the phosphine
2930909024 Alkyl amino second grade - 2- mercaptane and corresponding nature alite
2930909025 Thiodiglycol
2930909026 Alkyl sulfo- phosphine acid alkane S-2- two alkane amino ethyl ester
2930909027 Including a phosphorus atom and armor, second grade, propyl union compound
2930909028 In attracts the phosphorus
2930909031 4- methyl sulfenyl amphetamine
2930909032 Not reaches non-Nepal
2930909040 DL- hydroxyl methionine
2930909051 Methyl bacterium sulfureum spirit, bacterium sulfureum spirit, and so on benzene man ether
2930909052 The Methomyl, the tears extinguish the prestige, the second grade sulfur benzene prestige and so on
2930909053 Butyl ether urea, long effect prestige, and so on benzene sulfur prestige
2930909054 Insect disinfestation pair, insect disinfestation list, deinsectization urea and so on
2930909055 and so on dithane z-78, dithane M-22, dithane M-22 zinc
2930909056 Alkene grass alkone, sulfur grass alkone, qin dimethyl oxalate, and so on methyl sulfur grass alkone
2930909057 Antiseptic Dan, the captan, kills man the thio-ether and so on
2930909058 The Dauwenjin, the different Dauwenjin, the rice abundant disperse and so on
2930909059 Alpha-naphthyl-thio-urea, rat control especially, and so on two sulfur cyano methane
2930909061 Malathion, and so on Su Liulin, match sulfur phosphorus
2930909062 Third bromine phosphorus, Tian Lelin, especially and so on Ding Liulin
2930909063 Rogor, profit and so on sulfur phosphorus, oxygen rogor
2930909064 The chloramine phosphorus, the housefly phosphorus, extinguish and so on aphis phosphorus
2930909065 Sulfur line phosphorus, chlorine armor and so on sulfur phosphorus, insect disinfestation sulfur
2930909066 In the baytex, the methyl attracts and so on phosphorus, ethyl ester phosphorus
2930909067 Extinguishes line phosphorus
2930909090 Other organic sulfur compound

China Hs Code - 2931 :  Other organo-inorganic compounds

2931000001 Six methyl link three siloxanes
2931000011 Alkyl Asia phosphine acid radical alkyl - 2- two alkane amino ethyl ester
2931000012 Chlorine sarin, chlorine Soman
2931000013 2- chlorovinyl two chlorine shen
2931000014 Two (2- chlorovinyl) chlorine shen
2931000015 Three (2- chlorovinyl) shen
2931000016 Alkyl fluoride phosphine acid alkane ester, below 10 carbon atoms
2931000017 Below two alkane cyanamide phosphine acid alkane ester 10 carbon atoms
2931000018 Alkyl phosphine acid radical two fluorine
2931000021 Tetraethyl lead, tetramethyl plumbane
2931000022 Zirconin, and so on two armor shen acids
2931000023 4- amino sodium phenyl-arsonate, benzene dichloride shen
2931000024 Anthraquinone - 1- shen acid, three link tin (Pu Tedan) and so on
2931000025 Sulfuric acid triethyltin, and so on two butyl tin oxide
2931000026 Tin tetraethyl, ethanoic acid trimethyl-tin-radical
2931000027 Fenolovo
2931000028 Acetyl cupric arsenite, benzoin (base) amine chlorine shen
2931000029 3- nitryl - 4- hydroxyl benzene shen acid
2931000033 Three butyl tin oxide, three butyl tin fluoride, three butyl tin chloride
2931000034 Three butyl tin methylacrylic acid, three butyl tin benzoic acid and so on
2931000035 Ethyl two chlorine shen, benzoin (base) chlorine shen and so on
2931000036 Armor (base) shen acid, third (base) shen acid, benzene diiodide shen and so on
2931000037 Benzene shen acid, 2- nitrobenzene shen acid and so on
2931000038 4- nitrobenzene shen acid, 2- amino-benzene shen acid
2931000039 3- amino-benzene shen acid, 4- amino-benzene shen acid
2931000041 Grass Gansu phosphine
2931000042 The grass ammonium phosphine, the grass sulfur phosphine, kills and so on wooden phosphine
2931000043 The ethylene is favorable, ethylene silicon
2931000044 Three Ding Lvbian
2931000045 Dibaichong, fluorine silicon chrysanthemum ester, and so on poisonous soil phosphine
2931000046 Triphenyl tin, and so on triphenyl ethanoic acid tin
2931000047 Field peaceful
2931000090 Other organic - inorganic compounds

China Hs Code - 2932 :  Heterocyclic compounds with oxygen hetero-atom(s) only

2932110000 Four hydrogens fu nan
2932120000 2- furol
2932130000 Furfuryl alcohol and tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol
2932190011 nan alkene chrysanthemum ester, and so on alkyne fu chrysanthemum ester
2932190012 fu the fungus amine, the ester fungus amine, damps and so on mildew amine
2932190013 fu oxygen grass ether, cycloheptane grass ether, fu and so on grass alkone
2932190014 Melia japonica element, fu frost spirit and so on
2932190015 Animal pen fu chrysanthemum ester
2932190020 fu fragrance Lei Si
2932190090 In other structures has non-gathers fu nan cycle compound thickly
2932210000 Coumarin, methyl coumarin and ethyl coumarin
2932290011 Kills the mouse spirit, gram mouse spirit, enemy mouse spirit, bromine mouse spirit and so on
2932290012 Gibberellic acid
2932290013 The musca poisonous phosphorus, hui the wormwood element, the bromine enemy is prosperous, fu and so on amide
2932290090 Other lactone
2932910000 4- allyl - 1,2- Asia methylene-dioxy benzene
2932920000 1- (1,3- benzene and two wicked luxuriant - 5- base) propane - 2- alkone
2932930000 3,4- Asian methylene-dioxy benzaldehyde (piperonal)
2932940000 4- allyl - 1,2- Asia methylene-dioxy benzene
2932950000 Four hydrogen cannabinols (all isomers)
2932991000 fu nan phenol
2932992000 Biphenyl double ester
2932999011 Gram Pak Wai Medicine Co.
2932999012 Two oxygen prestige, verm prestige, and so on third sulfur gram Pak Wai Medicine Co.
2932999013 Because the poisonous phosphorus, the enemy wicked phosphorus, the carbon chlorine works
2932999014 Synergizes specially, efficiency sulphone, efficiency ether, and so on efficiency ester
2932999015 The pyrane spirit, the pyrane is prosperous, second grade oxygen fu straw colored and so on
2932999016 Evades the mosquito alkone, the benzene insect ether, rotenone
2932999017 Adjusts fu the acid, kohlrabi element lactone
2932999021 The taxus is mellow
2932999022 Three sharp cedar rather alkali
2932999023 Ten goes to acetazolamide Baca Ding three
2932999024 Ten goes to the acetazolamide taxus to be mellow
2932999025 Baca Ding three
2932999026 7- table taxus is mellow
2932999027 10- goes to the acetyl 7- table taxus to be mellow
2932999030 Two methyl radical double oxygen amphetamine and salt
2932999040 For benzedrine and salt
2932999051 (1,2- dimethyl heptyl) hydroxyl four hydrogen methyl benzoin pyrane
2932999052 Armor hydroxy profuse amine, second grade profuse amine, hydroxy profuse amine
2932999060 Two wicked UK, fu nan
2932999070 1,4- two wicked alkane
2932999091 Other threatened plant extraction contains the oxygen hetero-atom heterocyclic compound only
2932999099 Other contain the oxygen hetero-atom heterocyclic compound only

China Hs Code - 2933 :  Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen hetero-atom(s) only; nucleic acids and their salts

2933110000 Dimethyl phenylpyrazolone and derivative
2933192000 An Naijin
2933199011 Pyrrole sulfur phosphorus, pyrazole sulfur phosphorus, enemy musca prestige, second grade insect nitrile and so on
2933199012 Fluorine insect nitrile, zuo man ester, pyrrole man amine and so on
2933199013 Pyrrole grass ether, pyrazole grass amine, fluorine chlorine grass amine and so on
2933199014 Pyrazole Xie Caozhi
2933199090 In other structures has non-gathers the pyrazole cycle compound thickly
2933210000 Hydantoin and derivative
2933290011 Iprodione
2933290012 Damps the mildew zuo, onamot fungus nitrile, onamot fungus alkone, onamot fresh amine and so on
2933290013 Onamot oxalic acid, Ding onamot amide
2933290014 Fruit viridin
2933290015 Fluorine fungus zuo
2933290090 In other structures has non-gathers the imidazole cycle compound thickly
2933310000 Pyridine and salt
2933321000 pai ding (hexahydropyridine)
2933322000 pai ding (hexahydropyridine) salt
2933330011 Fentaini, Fentaini
2933330012 pai for ding, Fenno ester
2933330013 pai the cyanogen onamot is special, pai third pyrrole amine
2933330021 pai the vinegar methyl ester, spurts his left Xin, west the bromine divides
2933330022 The benzene ring advantage decides, pai benzyl alcohol
2933330031 A pai alkone, the triumphant Tormey alkone, Fenno is new
2933330032 pai for ding intermediate A, the benzene pai advantage decides, the sanchia advantage decides
2933330033 Neilly decides, benzene cyanogen Mitter
2933391000 Benzilic acid - 3- quinine cyclic ester
2933392000 Quinuclidine - 3- mellow
2933399010 Methyl pyridine, cyano pyridine, pyridine thioketone zinc
2933399021 The fine pyrrole fluorine graminaceous grass spirit, kills by poison the tick, two chloramine base pyridine carboxylic acid
2933399022 Paraquat, ding insect trunk
2933399023 Fine kui standing grain spirit
2933399024 kui standing grain spirit, fluorine pyrrole standing grain spirit, pyrrole fluorine graminaceous grass spirit and so on
2933399025 Highly effective fluorine pyrrole armor standing grain spirit, fluorine pyrrole armor standing grain spirit and so on
2933399026 The methyl kills by poison the tick, the pyrrole insect lin and so on
2933399027 Drives the musca ding, alkene ding insect amine
2933399028 Imidazole nicotine acid, armor imidazole nicotine acid, imidazole second grade nicotine acid and so on
2933399029 Alkyne oxalic acid, pai grass phosphorus, pai grass Dan, barnyard grass grass Dan and so on
2933399030 3- hydroxyl - 1- methyl pai ding
2933399040 3- quinuclidone
2933399051 The armor pai old man, the anti-amine, the chlorine pyrrole urea, the pyridine is but actually mellow
2933399052 ding fungus wicked zuo, benzene rust ding, ding spot wo and so on
2933399053 Fluorine ding amine, fluorine ding insect amide, trichloro methyl pyridine
2933399054 Imidazole qin, Ding Liuding, chlorobenzene pyridine, pai third spirit
2933399060 ding oxygen fungus ester
2933399071 Acetyl Arab League law methyl Fentaini, alkene third Luoding, Arab League law Metro Holdings Ltd, decides
2933399072 Arab League law methyl Fentaini, the Arab League farrow decides, the animal pen for ding
2933399073 Time of his hydroxyl Fentaini, time of his hydroxyl - 3- methyl Fentaini, time of his Metro Holdings Ltd, decides
2933399074 Time of his Luoding, decides, the hydroxy according to Tolley pai for ding, US he assists Xin
2933399075 3- methyl Fentaini, 1- methyl - 4- benzyl - 4- pai ding propionate, Pipai alkone
2933399076 To fluorine Fentaini, 1- phenethyl - 4- benzyl - 4- pai ding acetate
2933399077 pai for ding intermediate B, pai for ding intermediate C
2933399078 The non-that propylamine, non-that assists Xin, Minoan decides, the third pai advantage decides
2933399080 Swiss Fentaini and salt
2933399090 In other structures has non-gathers the pyridine cycle compound thickly
2933410000 Left non-(INN) and salt
2933491000 Cyclopropane fluorine pai acid
2933499011 Acrylic acid kui lin ester, benzene oxygen kui lin
2933499012 kui alkone
2933499013 Chlorine armor kui lin acid, kui oxalic acid, second grade oxygen kui lin
2933499021 Hydroxy thebaol, left beautiful sabina, left fragrance fei alkane
2933499022 Goes to armor left fei, non-Feiwan, the racemization armor fei alkane, the racemization fei alkane
2933499030 Bhutto fei
2933499090 Other contain kui Lin or the different kui lin link department's compound
2933520000 Malonyl urea (Barbitone acid) and salt
2933530011 Arab League Luo river Barbitone, zhong Ding Barbitone
2933530012 Ethylene compared to proper, cloth he compared to proper, Ding Barbitone
2933530013 Link oneself Barbitone, toluene Barbitone
2933530014 The department may Barbitone, the different pentobarbitol
2933530015 Pentobarbitol, phenobarbital, Barbitone
2933540000 Other malonyl urea derivative and their salt
2933550011 Armor chlorine kui alkone, armor kui alkone
2933550012 The chlorine Pu zuo logical sequence, cultivates the propyl alcohol together
2933591000 Cytosine
2933599011 Pyrimidine phosphorus, methyl pyrimidine phosphorus, two qin phosphorus, double benzene pyrimidine grass alkone and so on
2933599012 Alkene adenine, animal pen adenine, butyl pyrimidine phosphorus, pyrimidine wo grass ether and so on
2933599013 The pyrimidine grass ether, the double grass ether, removes weeds ding, surrounds the grass ding and so on
2933599014 Pyrrole fungus phosphorus, pyrimidine mildew amine, pyrimidine fungus amine, pyrimidine fungus ester and so on
2933599015 The pyrimidine prestige, the anti-aphis prestige, surrounds the insect nitrile, the pyrimidine man ether and so on
2933599016 The chlorobenzene pyrimidine is mellow, the cyclopropane pyrimidine is mellow, fu pyrimidine mellow and so on
2933599017 The fluorine ant zong, the mouse stands dies
2933599018 Two armor pyrimidine phenol, second grade pyrimidine phenol, second grade pyrimidine sulfocarbolate
2933599019 qin ammonia spirit, imidazole kui lin acid, propyl ester grass ether
2933599020 Fluorine third pyrimidine grass ester, chlorine third pyrimidine acid
2933599090 In other structures has the pyrimidine link and so on compound
2933610000 Melamine (melamine)
2933691000 Cyanuric chloride
2933692100 Two chlorine isocyanuric acid
2933692200 Trichloro isocyanuric acid
2933692910 Two chlorine fulminuric acid sodium
2933692990 Other isocyanuric acid chlorination derivative
2933699011 The simazine, the green bristlegrass goes to Tianjin, suppresses Tianjin, the grass reaches Tianjin and so on
2933699012 West the grass only, throws the grass only, the enemy grass only, the green bristlegrass extinguishes waits only
2933699013 Suppresses passes, zhong Ding Tong
2933699014 Ding Qincao alkone, link qin alkone, qin grass alkone and so on
2933699015 Extinguishes the aphis sulfur phosphorus, extinguishes the musca amine, the pyrrole aphis alkone and so on
2933699016 Three qin fluorine grass amine
2933699090 Other structure morning non-gathers three qin cycle compound thickly
2933710000 6- caprolactam
2933720000 Chlorine Pakistan occupies with the armor second grade pai alkone
2933790010 Chlorine Pakistan occupies with the armor second grade pai alkone salt
2933790020 Antiseptic phosphorus, spiral insect amide
2933790090 Other lactan
2933910011 The app zuo logical sequence, card Mussey divides, the chlorine nitrogen is outstanding
2933910012 West the chlorine niter divides, the chlorine pulls the outstanding acid, west the Luo river divides
2933910013 West divides, Sizuo logical sequence, chlorine fluorine outstanding ethyl ester
2933910014 The fluorine west divides, west the fluorine niter divides, west the fluorine divides
2933910015 West Harrar divides, west Laura divides, west the chlorine armor divides
2933910016 Ma Yinduo, the onamot reaches zuo the logical sequence, west the niter divides
2933910017 West the Austria sand divides, west that divides, west the pula divides
2933910018 Goes to west the armor to divide, triazole logical sequence
2933910021 West the niter armor divides, west US reaches divides
2933910022 The pyrrole pentanone, divides for Mussey, west four hydrogens divides
2933990011 Damps bud Dan, the triazole phosphorus, the insect line phosphorus, kui sulfur phosphorus, zuo ding grass alkone and so on
2933990012 Chlorine zuo phosphorus, alkyne onamot chrysanthemum ester, yin duo alkone grass ester and so on
2933990013 Carbendazim, benomyl, cyanogen fungus spirit, wheat ear Ningxia, fluorine clip clop qin grass ester and so on
2933990014 The triazolone, the ether grass is sensitive, the triazole is mellow, zuo grass alkone and so on
2933990015 The animal pen chlorine triazole is mellow, fifth heavenly stem fungus zuo, powder zuo mellow and so on
2933990016 Link fungus zuo, Ye Junzuo, antiseptic zuo, plants the fungus zuo and so on
2933990017 zuo grass ester, four links zuo, wicked oxalic acid and so on
2933990018 The fluorine amine grass zuo, the amide sulfur is prosperous, trifluoro-benzene zuo and so on
2933990019 Multiple-effect zuo, the alkene effect zuo, damps the bud zuo and so on
2933990021 Chlorine Nepal he Qin
2933990022 According to the Tony Qin
2933990023 Proletariat age qin, cloth Gui Qin
2933990030 Grips Lapp to be prosperous, zuo pyrrole Tanzania
2933990040 Uneven handkerchief Trow
2933990051 Dimethyl tryptamine, two ethyl tryptamines
2933990052 The second grade tryptamine, the link advantage decides
2933990060 (link) four methyl radical four nitro-amines
2933990070 (link) Sanya methyl trinitro amine
2933990080 Ding hydroxy alkone
2933990090 Other contain the nitrogen hetero-atom heterocyclic compound only

China Hs Code - 2934 :  Nucleic acids & their salts; Other heterocyclic compounds

2934100011 sai man alkone
2934100012 sai zuo phosphine, sai zuo sulfur phosphorus
2934100013 sai zuo nicotine acid, sai zuo fungus amine
2934100014 Chlorine sai lin, fluorine man sai
2934100015 sai fungus spirit, sai fungus amine, sai third nitrile
2934100016 sai fu amide, sai insect amine, sai insect qin, sai insect lin
2934100017 Xin Saitong, dresses seeds the spirit
2934100018 Rice acute communicable disease spirit
2934100090 In the structure includes non-gathers sai zuo link's compound thickly
2934200011 sai man prestige, sai mildew alkone
2934200012 Benzene sai thiocyanogen
2934200013 Alkene propyl benzene sai zuo
2934200014 The grass goes out of mourning
2934200015 sai zuo graminaceous grass spirit
2934200016 Benzene sai prosperous
2934200017 Methyl benzene sai prosperous
2934200018 Benzene sai acid radical grass amine
2934200019 Benzene sai fungus ester
2934200090 Other contain benzene and sai zuo the link department's compound
2934300000 Including fen sai qin link department's compound
2934910011 Arab League Mi Leisi, the bromine for zuo the logical sequence, the chlorine sai west divides
2934910012 Chlorine wicked zuo logical sequence, halogen sand (wicked) zuo logical sequence
2934910013 Triumphant his zuo logical sequence, mesocarb, wicked zuo logical sequence
2934910014 Moullin, benzonitrile tune qin, fragrance beautiful tune qin
2934910020 Right pulls the amine, extends Fentaini
2934991000 Sulfur lactone and sulfur lactan
2934992000 Furazolidone
2934993000 Nucleic acid and salt
2934994000 Naiwei flares out, ifa Wei Lun, the advantage holds that Wei and their salt
2934995000 Gram Lawei acid and salt
2934999001 Nucleotide class food additive
2934999010 Wicked grass alkone, fluorine sai grass amine, activation ester, highly effective two armor fen grass amine
2934999021 The wicked zuo phosphorus, the fruits and vegetables phosphorus, the luxuriant sulfur phosphorus, removes harmful things the phosphorus and so on
2934999022 Loop line prestige, insect disinfestation link, insect disinfestation nail, many sai alkane and so on
2934999023 Wicked zuo graminaceous grass spirit, poisonous mouse silicon, sai mouse spirit and so on
2934999024 Generation of woods sulfur, generation of woods link, lucky morpholine, fungus nitrile and so on
2934999025 sai woods copper, third link zuo, second grade link zuo and so on
2934999026 qin the oxalic acid, sai the fluorine is prosperous, Ding Sailong, different wicked prosperous and so on
2934999027 The benzene grass extinguishes, extinguishes the grass pine, extinguishes the grass zuo and so on
2934999028 Fluorine sai second grade grass ester, allylene wicked grass alkone, sai grass alkone and so on
2934999029 Alkyne third wicked zuo grass, Han happy Ningxia, sai zuo zinc and so on
2934999031 Multi-antimycins, ash acute communicable disease element
2934999032 Three links zuo, oxygen link zuo
2934999033 Extinguishes man fiercely, the gram kills man, man the tick amine
2934999034 Dicyan anthraquinone, fungus prestige
2934999035 12 link morpholines, 13 morpholines
2934999036 Kills the spiral morpholine, the butylbenzene morpholine
2934999037 kui fungus alkone, jing fungus alkone
2934999038 Withers the rust spirit, the oxidation withers the rust spirit
2934999039 The cotton and kapok is prosperous, ethylene dichlozoline
2934999041 Cyclic ester grass ether
2934999050 Wicked zuo acid radical grass amine
2934999061 Armor Mi Leisi and salt
2934999062 Decides and the salt for Huan
2934999071 Sulfo- Fentaini, Arab League law methyl sulfo- Fentaini
2934999072 Two second grade sai Ding, two armor sai Ding, benzene Ding Zhi, second grade armor sai Ding
2934999073 fu for ding, left pulls the amine, 3- methyl sulfo- Fentaini
2934999074 Pulls the amine intermediate, pai the advantage decides, the benzene methyl amyl ketone, the racemization pulls the amine
2934999090 Other heterocyclic compounds

China Hs Code - 2935 :  Sulphonamides

2935001000 Sulfadiazine
2935002000 Sulfanilamide double methyl pyrimidine
2935003000 Sulfanilamide armor wicked zuo
2935009011 The fluorine zuo sulfur is prosperous, the fluorine pyrrole sulfur is prosperous, the sulfuryl sulfur is prosperous, chlorine ester sulfur grass amine and so on
2935009012 The ether benzene sulfur is prosperous, the thiophen sulfur is prosperous, the ether sulfur is prosperous, fluorine ding pyrimidine sulfur prosperous and so on
2935009013 The animal pen pyrimidine sulfur is prosperous, the pyrrole pyrimidine sulfur is prosperous, the smoke pyrimidine sulfur is prosperous, double chlorine sulfur grass amine and so on
2935009014 The tetrazolo pyrimidine sulfur is prosperous, zuo the pyrrole pyrimidine sulfur is prosperous, three fluorine armor sulfur prosperous and so on
2935009015 Fluorine sulfuryl grass amine, armor sulfur grass amine, pyrimidine aniline sulfur prosperous and so on
2935009016 Fluorine sulfanilamide grass ether, sulfur grass spirit, yin zuo sulfur fungus amine and so on
2935009017 The sulfur grass phosphine, the ammonia sulfur happy spirit, three fluorine ding sulfur are prosperous, ding sulfur grass amine and so on
2935009018 The sulfur fungus amine, increases the osamine and so on
2935009019 The livestock tick phosphorus, cuts down extinguishes the phosphorus, disperses the phosphorus and so on
2935009020 Epoxy pyrimidine sulfur prosperous
2935009090 Other sulfur (acid radical) amine

China Hs Code - 2936 :  Provitamins and vitamins, derivatives thereof used primarily as vitamins, and intermixtures of the foregoing

2936210000 Mix Vitamin A and derivative
2936220000 Mix Vitamin B1 and derivative
2936230000 Mix Vitamin B2 and derivative
2936240000 Mix D or DL- pantothenic acid and derivative
2936250000 Mix Vitamin B6 and derivative
2936260000 Mix Vitamin B12 and derivative
2936270000 Mix Vitamin C and derivative
2936280000 Mix Vitamin E and derivative
2936290010 Gallbladder calciferol
2936290090 Other mix Vitamin and derivative
2936900000 Provitamin, mixes Provitamin, the Vitamin and the derivative

China Hs Code - 2937 :  Hormones, prostaglandins, thromboxanes & leukotrienes; derivatives & structural analogues thereof

2937110000 Growth hormone and derivative and structure synonym
2937121000 Reorganizes the person insulin and the salt
2937129000 Other insulins and salt
2937190011 Presses red element (EPO) and the synonym
2937190012 Insulin type growth factor 1
2937190013 Presses the element
2937190014 Growth factor element
2937190015 Presses the cortin
2937190090 Other multi-peptide hormone and derivative and structure synonym
2937210000 But the pine, the hydrogenation may pine and so on
2937221000 Dexamethasone
2937229000 Other adrenal cortex hormone halogenate derivative
2937230010 Ze logical sequence;
2937230090 Other female (steroid) hormone and progestogen
2937290011 Androstenediol;
2937290012 Male - 4- -enediol;
2937290013 Suddenly alkone;
2937290014 Reaches that zuo;
2937290015 Double hydrogen testosterone;
2937290016 The husband pulls grips suddenly
2937290017 US male Nandrolone;
2937290018 Methyl - 1- testosterone;
2937290019 US for Nandrolone;
2937290021 Mi Botong;
2937290022 19- goes to the armor this cholane alcohol ketone
2937290023 Hydroxy methyltestosterone;
2937290024 Kui suddenly dragon;
2937290090 Other steroid class hormone and derivative and structure synonym
2937310000 Adrenalin
2937390000 Other catecha phenol amine hormone and derivative
2937400000 Amino acid derivative
2937500000 Prostaglandin, thrombus alkane and white blood cell three alkene
2937900000 Other hormones and derivative and structure synonym

China Hs Code - 2938 :  Glycosides, natural or reproduced by synthesis, and their salts, ethers, esters and other derivatives

2938100000 Yun fragrant glucoside and derivative
2938901000 Uneven Dofe decides, the Lami husband decides, takes charge of his husband to decide, reaches Xin and their salt
2938909010 Glycyrrhizic acid powder
2938909020 Glycyrrhizic acid salts
2938909030 Licorice inferior acid and derivative
2938909090 Other natural or the synthesis remakes glucoside and salt and so on

China Hs Code - 2939 :  Vegetable alkaloids, natural or reproduced by synthesis, and their salts, ethers, esters and other derivatives

2939110011 Poppy straw concentrate
2939110012 Codein, double hydrogen codein, codethyline
2939110013 Egypt holds fei, the heroin, the hydrogen to be possible the alkone
2939110014 Hydrogen morphine alkone, morphine, Nike morphine
2939110015 The hydroxy tests the alkone, the hydroxy morphine alkone, Fowle may decide
2939110016 The vinegar hydrogen may the alkone, Thebaine
2939110020 Ding Bingnuo fei and salt
2939190010 Dihydro Egypt holds fei and the salt
2939190021 The animal pen morphine, may many gram Xin, the rope morphine, the vinegar hold fei
2939190022 Double hydrogen morphine, hydrogen morphine mellow, armor rope fei, armor dihydro morphine
2939190023 US holds the alkone, the morphine - N- oxide compound, Mai Luo Fei, to go to the armor morphine
2939190024 The vinegar hydrogen codein, the Nepali codein, the Nepali dihydro codein, goes to the armor codein
2939190025 Morphine armor bromide and salt
2939190030 Nabu fei and salt
2939190090 Other opium alkali and derivative and their salt
2939200000 Quinine alkaloid and derivative as well as their salt
2939300010 Caffeine
2939300090 Caffeine salt
2939410010 Ephedrine (ephedrine, hydrochloric acid ephedrine)
2939410020 Sulfuric acid ephedrine
2939410030 Racemization hydrochloric acid ephedrine
2939410040 Oxalic acid ephedrine
2939410090 Ephedrine salt
2939420010 Pseudoephedrin
2939420020 Sulfuric acid pseudoephedrin
2939420090 Pseudo-ephedrine salt
2939430000 d- goes to armor pseudo-ephedrine (INN) and the salt
2939490010 Hydrochloric acid methyl ephedrine
2939490020 Racemization hydrochloric acid methyl ephedrine
2939490030 Goes to the armor ephedrine and the salt
2939490090 Other ephedrine and salt
2939510000 Profuse second grade theine and salt
2939590000 Other theines and aminophylline and derivative, salt
2939610010 Ergot new alkali
2939610090 Ergot new alkali salt
2939620010 Ergotamine
2939620090 Ergotamine salt
2939630010 Lysergic acid
2939630090 Lysergic acid salt
2939690010 Ergot diethylamine and salt
2939690090 Other ergot alkaloid and derivative
2939911000 Cocaine and salt
2939919011 Left toluene propylamine
2939919012 Deacidizing ephedrine
2939919013 Deacidizing ephedrine racemic modification
2939919020 Bud alkali and salt
2939991000 Smoke alkali and salt
2939992000 Strychnine (gentleman's year) and salt
2939999011 Cassie alkone, wheat department Kalin
2939999012 Match Luo river new, west match Luo river guest
2939999090 Other alkaloids and derivative

China Hs Code - 2940 :  Sugars, chemically pure; sugar ethers, sugar acetals & sugar esters, & their salts

2940000000 Chemistry pure sugar, sugar ether, sugar ester and salt

China Hs Code - -2941 :  Antibiotics

2941101100 Ammonia animal pen penicillin
2941101200 Ammonia animal pen penicillin three aquos
2941101900 Ammonia animal pen penicillin salt
2941109100 Hydroxylamin animal pen penicillin
2941109200 Hydroxylamin animal pen penicillin three aquos
2941109300 6 amino blue mildew alkane acid (6APA)
2941109400 Penicillin V
2941109500 Sulfur animal pen penicillin
2941109600 Neighbouring chlorine penicillin
2941109900 Other penicillin or derivative and salt
2941200000 Chain mildew element and derivative, salt
2941301100 Tetracyclin
2941301200 Tetracyclin salt
2941302000 Tetracyclin derivative and salt
2941400000 Chloromycetin and derivative as well as their salt
2941500000 Erythromycin and derivative, salt
2941901000 Celebrates the magnamycin and the derivative, the salt
2941902000 Card that mildew element and derivative, salt
2941903000 Rifampin and derivative, salt
2941904000 Lin Kemei element and derivative, salt
2941905100 7- amino escapes the acetoxy spore alkane acid
2941905200 Spore ammonia animal pen and salt
2941905300 Spore zuo lin and salt
2941905400 A spore pulls ding and the salt
2941905500 Spore three qin (spore Qusum) and salt
2941905600 Spore pai alkone and salt
2941905700 Spore sai wo and salt
2941905800 Spore Carlo and salt
2941905910 Actidione
2941905990 Other cephalosporin and derivative
2941906000 Mai Meisu and derivative
2941907000 Acetyl spiral mildew element and derivative
2941909000 Other antibiotic

China Hs Code - 2942 :  Other organic compounds

2942000000 Other organic compounds

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