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Chapter-68 Articles of Stone Plaster and Cement, Asbestos and Mica or Similar Materials of Year 2009 - 10.

Hs Code Description

China Hs Code - 6801 : Setts, curbstones & flagstones, of natural stone ( except slate )

6801000000 Rectangle builds the stone, the curb stone, flat stone

China Hs Code - 6802 : Worked monumental or building stone ( except slate ) & articles thereof; mosaic cubes & the like, of

6802101000 Marble system brick, tile, block and similar
6802109000 Other stone material system bricks and tiles, block and similar
6802211000 After simple cutting or saw's marble and product
6802212000 After simple cutting or saw's calcareous tuff and product
6802219000 After simple cutting or saw's agalmatolite and product
6802230000 After simple cutting or saw's granite and product
6802291000 After simple cutting or saw's other limestones
6802299000 After simple cutting or saw's other stones and product
6802911000 Marble, calcareous tuff and agalmatolite system carved stone
6802919000 Other have processed the marble and the agalmatolite and the product
6802921000 Other limestone system carved stone
6802929000 Other have processed the limestone and the product
6802931100 Granite system carved stone tombstone stone
6802931900 Other granite system carved stone
6802939000 Other have processed the granite and the product
6802991000 Other stones make carved stone
6802999000 Other have processed stone and product

China Hs Code - 6803 : Worked slate and articles of slate or of agglomerated slate

6803001000 Has processed the slate and the slate product
6803009000 Cohesiveness slate product

China Hs Code - 6804 : Millstones, grindstones, grinding wheels & the like, without frameworks; hand sharpening or polishing stones, & parts thereof

6804100000 The mill or the grinding paste use the stone mill, the stone roll
6804210000 Other stone mills, stone roll and grinding wheel
6804221000 Other grinding wheels
6804229000 Other stone mills, stone roll and similar
6804231000 Natural stone material system grinding wheel
6804239000 Natural stone material system other stone mills, stone roll and so on
6804301000 The hand uses the oil stones
6804309000 The hand and polishes the stone with other burrs

China Hs Code - 6805 : Natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain, on a base of textile materials, paper, paperboard or other materials

6805100000 Emery cloth
6805200000 Sandpaper
6805300000 Take the cloth or the paper as the bottom sandpaper similar

China Hs Code - 6806 : Slag wool & similar mineral wools; exfoliated vermiculite, expanded clays & similar expanded mineral materials, etc

6806100001 The mineral fiber, the slag globule content is smaller than 5%
6806100090 Slag wool, crag asbestos and similar mineral substance cotton and kapok
6806200000 Is laminated the silica, the expanding clay, the froth gangue
6806900000 Other mineral material mixture and product

China Hs Code - 6807 : Articles of asphalt or of similar material ( eg petroleum bitumen or coal tar pitch )

6807100001 Polyester - copper compound embryo base modifying asphalt root anti- waterproofing volume material
6807100090 Coiling asphalt or similar raw material product
6807900000 Other shape asphalt or similar raw material product

China Hs Code - 6808 : Panels, boards, tiles, blocks & similar articles of vegetable fibre etc, agglomerated with cement, plaster or other minerals

6808000000 Panel, plate, tile, brick and similar

China Hs Code - 6809 Articles of plaster or of compositions based on plaster

6809110000 Has not played the part of plaster tablet, piece, brick, tile and similar
6809190000 Strengthens by other material cover has not played the part of the plaster tablet
6809900000 Other gypsum product

China Hs Code - 6810 Articles of cement, of concrete or of artificial stone, whether or not reinforced

6810110000 Cement system structural purpose brick and stone blocks
6810191000 Artificial stone system brick, tile, flat stone
6810199000 Cement or coagulation native manufacture other bricks, tile, flat stone
6810911000 Reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete pipe and so on
6810919000 The cement system construction or the civil engineering use the prefabricated component
6810991000 The railroad uses the cement pillow
6810999000 Cement, concretes or artificial stone system other products

China Hs Code - 6811 : Articles of asbestos-cement, of cellulose fibre-cement or the like

6811401000 Including asbestos corrugated board
6811402000 Including asbestos piece, board, brick, tile and similar
6811403000 Including asbestos pipe and pipe fitting
6811409000 Including asbestos other products
6811810000 Does not contain the asbestos corrugated board
6811820000 Does not contain the asbestos piece, the board, the brick, the tile and similar
6811830000 Does not contain the asbestos pipe and the pipe fitting
6811890000 Does not contain asbestos other products

China Hs Code - 6812 : Fabricated asbestos fibres; mixtures with asbestos or with asbestos & magnesium carbonate; articles of such mixtures

6812800000 Blue asbestos or blue asbestos mixture and product
6812910000 Other asbestos or asbestos mixture system clothing
6812920000 Other asbestos or asbestos mixture system paper, mill board
6812930000 Large expanse or coiling compression asbestos fiber joining material
6812990000 Other asbestos or asbestos mixture product

China Hs Code - 6813 : Friction material and articles thereof, not mounted, with a basis of asbestos, of other mineral substances, or of

6813201000 Including asbestos brake lining, floodgate pad
6813209000 And other use in including the asbestos friction material applying the brake and so on use products
6813810000 Other brake linings, floodgate pad
6813890000 Other friction material and uses in applying the brake and so on use products

China Hs Code - 6814 : Worked mica & articles of mica, incl agglomerated or reconstituted mica

6814100000 Cohesiveness or duplication mica system board, piece, belt
6814900000 Other have processed mica and product

China Hs Code - 6815 : Articles of stone or of other mineral substances

6815100000 The non-electric appliance uses graphite or other carbon product
6815200000 Peat product
6815910000 Including magnesite, dolomite or chromite product
6815992000 Carbon fiber
6815993100 Carbon cloth
6815993921 Carbon content >90% special carbon fiber yarn
6815993929 Carbon content ≤90% special carbon fiber yarn
6815993991 Other carbon content >90% carbon fiber yarn
6815993999 Other carbon fiber product
6815999000 Other unlisted stoneworks and mineral product

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