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Chapter-7 Edible vegetables and certain roots and Tubers of Year 2009 - 10.

Hs Code Description

China Hs Code - 0701 : Potatoes, fresh or chilled

0701100000 Plants uses the potato
0701900000 Other fresh or refrigeration potato

China Hs Code - 0702 : Tomatoes, fresh or chilled

0702000000 Fresh or refrigeration tomato

China Hs Code - 0703 : Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and other alliaceous vegetables, fresh or chilled

0703101000 Fresh or refrigeration onion
0703102000 Fresh or refrigeration shallot
0703201000 Fresh or refrigeration garlic
0703202000 Fresh or refrigeration garlic liver moss and tender garlic shoots
0703209000 Fresh or refrigeration other garlics
0703901000 Fresh or refrigeration fragrant-flowered garlic onion
0703902000 Fresh or refrigeration green onion
0703909000 Fresh or refrigeration other onions are the vegetables

China Hs Code - 0704 : Cabbages, cauliflowers, kohlrabi, kale and similar edible brassicas, fresh or chilled

0704100001 Fresh, chilling broccoli
0704100002 Fresh, cold cauliflower
0704200000 Fresh or refrigeration brassica oleracea
0704901000 Fresh or refrigeration cabbage
0704902000 Fresh or refrigeration west orchid
0704909001 Fresh, cold other sea cabbage
0704909090 Fresh or refrigeration other edible leaf mustard class vegetables

China Hs Code - 0705 : Lettuce ( lactuca sativa ) and chicory ( Cichorium spp ), fresh or chilled

0705110000 Fresh or refrigeration head lettuce (cabbage lettuce)
0705190000 Fresh or refrigeration other lettuce
0705210000 Fresh or refrigeration content Rove chicory
0705290000 Fresh or refrigeration other chicories

China Hs Code - 0706 : Carrots, turnips, salad beetroot, salsify, celeriac, radishes and similar edible roots, fresh or chilled

0706100001 Fresh, cold carrot
0706100090 Fresh or refrigeration radish
0706900000 Fresh or refrigeration small radish and similar edible rhizome

China Hs Code - 0707 : Cucumbers & gherkins, fresh or chilled

0707000000 Fresh or refrigeration cucumber and cucumber

China Hs Code - 0708 : Leguminous vegetables, shelled or unshelled, fresh or chilled

0708100000 Fresh or refrigeration pea
0708200000 Fresh or refrigeration cowpea and kidney bean
0708900000 Fresh or refrigeration other legume vegetable

China Hs Code - 0709 : Other vegetables, fresh or chilled

0709200000 Fresh or refrigeration bamboo shoots
0709300000 Fresh or refrigeration eggplant
0709400000 Fresh or refrigeration celery
0709510000 Fresh or refrigeration umbrella bacteria mushroom
0709591000 Fresh or refrigeration pine mushroom
0709592000 Fresh or refrigeration shiitake mushroom
0709593000 Fresh or refrigeration lily flower
0709594000 Fresh or refrigeration straw mushroom
0709595000 Fresh or refrigeration mouth mushroom
0709596000 Fresh or refrigeration truffle
0709599000 Fresh or refrigeration other mushrooms
0709600000 Fresh or refrigeration hot pepper
0709700000 Fresh or refrigeration spinach
0709901010 Fresh or refrigeration sour bamboo shoots
0709901090 Refrigeration bamboo shoots
0709909001 Fresh, cold snake gourd
0709909002 Fresh, cold ching-chiang vegetable
0709909003 Fresh, cold small colza
0709909004 Fresh, cold balsam pear
0709909005 Fresh, cold horseradish
0709909010 Fresh or refrigeration braseniapurpurea
0709909090 Fresh or refrigeration other vegetables

China Hs Code - 0710 : Vegetables ( uncooked or cooked by steaming orboiling in water ), frozen

0710100000 Freezing potato
0710210000 Freezing pea
0710221000 Freezing red bean (red bean)
0710229000 Freezing cowpea and kidney bean
0710290000 Freezes other legume vegetable
0710300000 Freezing spinach
0710400000 Freezing sweet corn
0710801000 Freezing pine mushroom
0710802000 Freezing garlic liver moss and tender garlic shoots (including tender garlic stem)
0710803000 Freezing garlic
0710809010 Freezing big garlic cloves
0710809020 Freezing shiitake mushroom
0710809030 Freezing braseniapurpurea
0710809090 Freezing unlisted vegetables
0710900000 Freezes the vegetable mix

China Hs Code - 0711 : Vegetables provisionally preserved, but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption

0711200000 Preserves temporarily olive
0711400000 Preserves temporarily cucumber and cucumber
0711511200 Salt water young Bai mushroom (meadow mushroom)
0711511900 Salt water other umbrella bacteria mushroom
0711519000 Preserves temporarily other umbrella bacteria mushroom
0711591100 Salt water pine mushroom
0711591910 Salt water shiitake mushroom
0711591990 Salt water other non-umbrella bacteria mushroom and truffle
0711599010 Preserves temporarily shiitake mushroom
0711599090 Preserves temporarily mushroom and truffle
0711903110 Salty aquo bamboo shoots
0711903190 Other salt water bamboo shoots
0711903410 Salt water simple souse big garlic, big garlic cloves
0711903490 Salt water simple souse other garlics
0711903900 Salt water other vegetables and vegetable mix
0711909000 Preserves temporarily other vegetables and vegetable mix

China Hs Code - 0712 : Dried vegetables, whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder, but not further prepared

0712200000 Does the system onion
0712310000 Does the umbrella bacteria mushroom
0712320000 Does the auricularia auricula
0712330000 Does the tremella fuciformis (tremella)
0712391000 Does the system shiitake mushroom
0712392000 Does the system lily flower
0712393000 Does the system straw mushroom
0712394000 Does system mouth mushroom
0712395000 Does the system boletus
0712399010 Does the system pine mushroom
0712399090 Other do the system mushroom and the truffle
0712901010 Sour bamboo dried bamboo shoots silk
0712901090 Other dried bamboo shoots silk
0712902000 Osmund (Wei dried vegetables)
0712903000 Does the day lily (day lily)
0712904000 Fern dried vegetables
0712905010 Dry or dehydrated big garlic, big garlic cloves
0712905090 Dry or dehydrated other garlics
0712906000 Does the green peppers
0712909100 Does the horse radish
0712909910 Does the braseniapurpurea
0712909990 Does the system other vegetables and the vegetable mix

China Hs Code - 0713 : Dried leguminous vegetables, shelled, whether or not skinned or split

0713101000 Plants with does the pea
0713109000 Other do the pea
0713201000 Plants with does the chick-pea
0713209000 Other do the chick-pea
0713311000 Plants with does the mung bean
0713319000 Other do the mung bean
0713321000 Plants uses the red bean (red bean)
0713329000 Other do the red bean
0713331000 Plants with does the kidney bean
0713339000 Other do the kidney bean
0713390000 Does the cowpea and the kidney bean
0713401000 Plants with does the hyacinth bean
0713409000 Other do the hyacinth bean
0713501000 Plants with does the broad bean
0713509000 Other do the broad bean
0713901000 Plants with does the bean
0713909000 Other do the bean

China Hs Code - 0714 : Manioc, arrowroot, salep, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes and similar roots; sago pith

0714101000 Fresh cassava
0714102000 Does the cassava
0714103000 Leng Huodong cassava
0714201100 The fresh kind uses the sweet potato
0714201900 Other non-kind uses the fresh sweet potato
0714202000 Does the sweet potato
0714203000 Leng Huodong sweet potato
0714901000 Fresh, cold, frozen, dry water chestnut
0714902100 Plants uses the lotus root
0714902900 Fresh, cold, frozen, the dry non-kind uses the lotus root
0714903001 Fresh, cold sweet potato
0714903090 Frozen, dry sweet potato
0714909010 Fresh, cold, frozen, dry orchid aceae plant tuber
0714909091 Are in imminent danger the similar rhizome including the high starch or inulin other
0714909099 Includes the high starch or inulin other similar rhizomes

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