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Chapter-90 Optical and Potographic or Cinematographic Measuring. Precision and Medical or Surgical Instruments Instruments & Apparatus Parts of Year 2009 - 10.

Hs Code Description

China Hs Code -  9001 :  Optical fibres & optical fibre bundles; optical fibre cables excl those of heading 8544;

9001100001 Non-chromatic dispersion displacement monomode fiber
9001100009 Other optical fiber
9001100090 Light guide fibrous bundle and optical cable
9001200001 The liquid crystal display panel uses the polarization material system the piece and the board
9001200002 The liquid crystal projecting apparatus use the leaning worn out fur woman with no pubic hair
9001200090 Other polarization material system piece and board
9001300000 Stealth spectacle lenses
9001401000 Glass system color deterioration lens
9001409100 Glass system sun lens
9001409900 Glass system other spectacle lenses
9001501000 Non-glass materials system color deterioration lens
9001509100 Non-glass materials system sun lens
9001509900 Non-glass materials system other spectacle lenses
9001901000 Colored light filter
9001909001 The optical communication uses the glimmer module's optical element
9001909002 Miniature lens
9001909003 The back throws the television display monitor
9001909004 Liquid crystal display monitor back light mold train optical element
9001909090 Item 9001 unlisted other optical elements

China Hs Code - 9002 :  Lenses, prisms, mirrors & other optical elements, of any material, mounted, being parts of

9002111000 The special use photographic camera uses the objective lens
9002112000 The micro reading machine uses the objective lens
9002113100 List counter-camera lens
9002113900 Other cameras use the lens (list counter-camera exception)
9002119001 Digital light processor and colored liquid crystal projecting camera's lens and lens module
9002119090 Other photographic cameras, the projecting apparatus urgently need the objective lens
9002191000 The camera or the film projector use the objective lens
9002199001 The camera, absorbs records body's machine lens
9002199090 Item 9002 unlisted other objective lens
9002201000 The photographic camera uses the ray filter
9002209000 Other optical instrument or installs the ray filter
9002901000 The photographic camera uses the unlisted optical element
9002909010 Anti-radiates the lens
9002909090 Other optical instrument uses the unlisted optical element

China Hs Code - 9003 :  Frames & mountings for spectacles, goggles or the like, and parts thereof

9003110000 Plastic system spectacle frames
9003190010 Endangered animal product system spectacle frames
9003190090 Other non-plastic material system spectacle frames
9003900000 Spectacle frames components

China Hs Code - 9004 :  Spectacles, goggles & the like, corrective, protective or other

9004100000 Sunglasses
9004901000 Self-adjusting sunglasses
9004909000 Other eyeglasses

China Hs Code - 9005 :  Binoculars, monoculars, other optical telescopes, & mountings therefor; other astronomical instruments & mountings thereof

9005100000 Binoculars
9005801000 Tracking telescope and other astronomy instrument
9005809000 Other optical telescope
9005901000 The tracking telescope and other astronomy instrument use the components
9005909000 Other telescope components, appendix

China Hs Code - 9006 :  Photographic ( excl cinematographic ) cameras; photographic flashlight apparatus and flashbulbs

9006101000 Electronic color scanner
9006109000 Other making lithograph plates photographic camera
9006300000 Special purpose photographic camera
9006400000 An image formation photographic camera
9006510000 Photographic camera selects a scene which through the lens
9006521000 Micro photographic camera, use microfilm roll, film or other micro
9006529000 The use film extends <35mm other photographic cameras
9006530000 Other photographic cameras
9006591000 Laser photography typesetting equipment
9006599010 Framing cameras
9006599020 Electron (or electronic shutter) framing cameras
9006599030 Stripe camera
9006599040 Electronic stripe camera
9006599090 The use film extends >35mm other photographic cameras
9006610001 The photography handset uses the flashing light module
9006610090 Other electric discharge type (electronic formula) flashing light installment
9006691000 Flash bulb
9006699000 Other photography flashing light installment
9006911000 Special purpose photographic camera's components, appendix
9006912000 Image formation photographic camera's components, appendix
9006919100 Photographic camera automatic focusing action module
9006919200 Other photographic camera's shutter module
9006919900 Other photographic camera's other components, appendix
9006990000 Photography flashing light installment and flash bulb's components

China Hs Code - 9007 :  Cinematographic cameras & projectors, whether or not incorporating sound recording or reproducing apparatus

9007110000 The film extends <16mm the camera
9007191000 Film width ≥16mm high speed movie camera
9007199000 Film wide ≥16mm other movie camera
9007201000 Digital film projector
9007209000 Other film projectors
9007910000 The movie camera uses the components, the appendix
9007920000 The film projector uses the components, the appendix

China Hs Code - 9008 :  Image projectors, excl cinematographic; photographic ( excl cinematographic ) enlargers & reducers

9008100000 Slide projector
9008200000 Micro reading machine
9008301000 Orthographic projection meter
9008309000 Other phantom projecting apparatus
9008400000 The picture (movie film exception) the enlarger and shrinks the piece machine
9008901000 Micro reading machine's components, appendix
9008902000 The picture enlarger and shrinks the piece machine components, the appendix
9008909000 Other phantom projecting apparatus' components, appendix

China Hs Code - 9010 :  Apparatus & equipment for photographic laboratories; negatoscopes; projection screen

9010101000 The movie uses the roll film the automatic developing unit and the equipment
9010102000 Special photography roll film automatic developing unit and equipment
9010109100 The color film uses the automatic development and the equipment
9010109900 Other roll film automatic developing unit and equipment
9010501000 Negative monitor
9010502100 The movie uses developing film installment
9010502200 The special photography uses developing film installment
9010502900 Other photography use developing film installment
9010600000 Silver screen and other projection screen
9010901000 The movie develops film with develops film equipment's components, the appendix
9010902000 The special photography developing film uses equipment's components, the appendix
9010909000 Other developing films use equipment's components, the appendix

China Hs Code - 9011 :  Compound optical microscopes, incl those for photomicrography, cinephotomi-crography or microprojection

9011100000 Stereomicroscope
9011200000 The micro photography urgently needs other microscopes
9011800000 Other microscopes
9011900000 Multiple light microscope's components, appendix

China Hs Code - 9012 :  Microscopes other than optical micro scopes; diffraction apparatus

9012100000 Non-light microscope and diffraction equipment
9012900000 Non-light microscope and diffraction equipment's components

China Hs Code - 9013 :  Liquid crystal devices; lasers, excl laser diodes; other optical appliances & instruments

9013100000 The weapon uses the telescope sights and other telescopes
9013200001 2.5GB/S and above SDH, wavelength division multiplying optical transmission equipment 980 nanometer, 1480 nanometer pump lasers
9013200002 The laser cutter uses the gas laser generator, the cutting power ≥2 kilowatt
9013200020 AVLIS, MLIS and CRISLA laser system
9013200030 Argon ion laser
9013200040 Alexandrite laser
9013200050 Pulse carbon dioxide laser
9013200060 Pulse stimulated accurate member laser
9013200070 Copper steam laser
9013200090 Other lasers
9013801000 Magnifying glass
9013802000 Optics gate eye
9013803001 32 inches and above do not contain the back light mold train liquid crystal display panel
9013803090 Other liquid crystal display panel
9013809000 Other installments, instrument and appliance
9013901000 Laser, installment and so on telescope components, appendix
9013902000 Liquid crystal display panel's zero, appendix
9013909000 Item 9013 arrange in order other goods zero appendix

China Hs Code - 9014 :   Direction finding compasses; other navigational instruments and appliances

9014100000 Directional compass
9014201010 Nobody aviation flight vehicle's autopilot
9014201090 Other autopilots
9014209011 Aviation inertial navigation set
9014209012 Other astronautics inertial navigation set
9014209013 Inertially stabilized platform
9014209015 Gyroscope
9014209016 Special design navigation processor
9014209017 Terrain contour line plan equipment
9014209018 Scene cartography and related equipment
9014209090 Other aviation or space navigation instrument and equipment
9014800010 The proportional error is smaller than 0.25% acceleration table
9014800020 Altimeter
9014800090 Other navigational instrument and equipment
9014901000 The autopilot uses components, appendix
9014909000 Other navigational instrument and equipment's components, appendix

China Hs Code - 9015 :  Surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic, hydrologic, meteorological or geophysical instruments & appliances; rangefinders

9015100000 Distance gauge
9015200000 Altazimuth and alidade
9015300000 Horizon
9015400000 The photographic survey uses the instrument and the equipment
9015800010 Aircraft-borne or ship-borne gravimeter
9015800020 Aircraft-borne or ship-borne gravity gradiometers
9015800090 Other metering equipment and equipment
9015900010 Machine, ship-borne gravimeter and gravity gradiometers part
9015900090 Other geodetic instrument and equipment's zero, appendix

China Hs Code - 9016 :  Balances, sensitivity of 5 cg or better, with or without weights

9016001000 The feeling quantity is 0.1 milligram or a preciser balance
9016009000 50 milligrams >= feelings measure a >0.1 milligram balance

China Hs Code -  9017 :  Drawing, marking-out or mathematical calculating instruments; instruments for measuring length, for use in hand

9017100000 Draws a chart Taiwan and the drafting machine, no matter whether automatic
9017200000 Other cartography, lineation or mathematical computation appliance
9017300000 Micrometer, Caliper and gauge
9017800000 Other hands use the survey length the appliance
9017900000 Instrument's and so on cartography the computation appliance components, appendix

China Hs Code - 9018 :  Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences

9018110000 Electrocardiogram recording instrument
9018121000 B ultrasonic wave diagnostic equipment
9018129100 Colored ultrasonic wave diagnostic equipment
9018129900 Other ultrasonic wave scanning diagnosis installment
9018130000 Nuclear magnetic resonance image forming unit
9018140000 Twinkle photomounting
9018193000 Patient guardianship meter
9018194100 Audiometer
9018194900 Other hearing diagnosis installment
9018199000 Other electrical diagnosis installment
9018200000 Ultraviolet ray and infrared installment
9018310000 Injector
9018321000 Tubular metal needle
9018322000 Sutures with the needle
9018390000 Drive pipe, intubation and similar
9018410000 Tooth drilling machine
9018491000 Is loaded with the dentistry equipment's dentistry to use the chair
9018499000 The dentistry uses other instruments and the appliance
9018500000 The ophthalmology department uses other instruments and the appliance
9018901000 Stethoscope
9018902000 Blood pressure metering equipment and appliance
9018903000 Endoscope
9018904000 Kidney dialysis equipment (artificial kidney)
9018905000 Diathermy equipment
9018906000 Blood transfusion equipment
9018907000 Anaesthetizes the equipment
9018908000 In palace birth control
9018909000 Other medical services, the surgical department or the veterinarian use the instrument appliance

China Hs Code - 9019 :  Mechano-therapy appliances; massage apparatus; psychological aptitude-testing apparatus, etc

9019101000 Massages the appliance
9019109000 Mechanotherapy appliance, psychological function examination installment
9019200000 Ozone curer, appliances and so on oxygen curer

China Hs Code - 9020 :  Other breathing appliances & gas masks, excl protective masks having neither mechanical parts nor

9020000000 Other breath appliance and gas mask

China Hs Code - 9021 :  Orthopaedic appliances; splints & other fracture appliances; artificial parts of the body; hearing aids,

9021100000 Orthopedic or the bone fracture uses the appliance
9021210000 Artificial tooth
9021290000 Artificial tooth fixed
9021310000 Artificial joint
9021390000 Other man-made human body part
9021400000 Hearing aid, not including components, appendix
9021500000 Pacemaker, not including components, appendix
9021900001 The artificial cochlea implants the installment
9021900090 Other atonement physiological deficiency, the disability uses the appliance and so on

China Hs Code - 9022 :  Apparatus based on the use of X-rays or of alpha, beta or gamma radiations

9022120000 X-ray fault inspection tester
9022130000 Other dentistry apply the equipment with the X-ray
9022140010 Medical linear accelerator
9022140090 Other medical services or the veterinarian apply the equipment with the X-ray
9022191001 Uses X X-ray machine technology or the X-ray accelerator technology X-ray security check equipment
9022191090 Other low dose X-ray security check equipment
9022192000 X-ray lossless crack detection instrumentation
9022199010 X-ray completely automatic fuel core block inspection skid
9022199090 Other X-ray application equipment
9022210000 The medical service uses Alpha, Beta, Gamma the beam equipment
9022291000 Gamma beam lossless crack detection instrumentation
9022299010 Gamma beam completely automatic fuel core block inspection skid
9022299090 Other non-medical service uses Alpha, Beta, Gamma the beam equipment
9022300000 X ray tube
9022901000 X-ray phantom intensifier
9022909001 Beam generator spare part
9022909020 Flash X-ray generator
9022909030 X-ray fault inspection tester special-purpose detector
9022909090 Item 9022 arrange in order other equipment and the components

China Hs Code - 9023 :  Instruments, apparatus and models, designed for demonstrational purposes,  unsuitable for other uses

9023000000 Feeds specially demonstration's instrument, the equipment and the model

China Hs Code - 9024 :  Machines & appliances for testing the hardness, strength, compressibility, elasticity or other mechanical properties

9024101000 Electronic universal testing machines
9024102000 Sclerometer
9024109000 Other metallic material's experiment uses the machine and the appliance
9024800000 Nonmetallic material's experiment uses the machine and the appliance
9024900000 Each material's experiment uses the machine part, the appendix

China Hs Code - 9025 :  Hydrometers & similar floating instruments, thermometers & pyrometers, pyrometers, barometers, hygrometers, etc

9025110000 But direct reading liquid-in-glass thermometer
9025191000 The non-liquid's industrial used temperature takes into account the pyrometer
9025199001 Infrared human body thermodetector
9025199090 Non-liquid other thermometers, pyrometer
9025800000 Other thermometers, hydrometer, instruments and so on hygrometer
9025900001 Infrared thermodetector sensor part
9025900090 Other hydrometers, thermometer and so on similar instrument's components

China Hs Code - 9026 :  Instruments & apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level, pressure or other variables

9026100000 Survey, examination liquid flow or fluid position instrument
9026201010 Manganin pressure gauge
9026201090 Other pressures, the difference press the transmitting instrument
9026209000 Other surveys, examination pressure instrument and equipment
9026800000 Liquid either gas other surveys or testing instrument
9026900000 Liquid either gas survey or testing instrument components

China Hs Code - 9027 :  Instruments & apparatus for physical or chemical analysis; instruments & apparatus for measuring or

9027100010 Uses in the continuous-running the gas detector
9027100090 Other gas or smog analyzer
9027201100 Gas phase chromatograph
9027201200 Liquid phase chromatograph
9027201900 Other chromatographs
9027202000 Electrophoretic apparatus
9027300000 The spectrometer, the dispersion of light luminosity take into account the spectograph
9027500000 Use optics beam other instruments and equipment
9027801100 The integrated circuit production examines with the helium mass spectrum shows one's true colors
9027801910 UF6 mass analyzer/ion source
9027801920 Measured that is bigger than 230 Mass unit ion mass analyzer
9027801990 Other mass analyzers
9027809100 Actinometer
9027809900 Other physics and chemistry analytic instrument and equipment
9027900000 Examines the mirror slicer, the physics and chemistry analytic instrument components

China Hs Code - 9028 :  Gas, liquid or electricity supply or production meters, incl calibrating meters therefor

9028101000 Gas meter
9028109000 Other gas gauges
9028201000 Water meter
9028209000 Other dosimeters
9028301100 Single-phase induction type electric meter
9028301200 Three-phase induction type electric meter
9028301300 Single-phase electronic formula (static -like) electric meter
9028301400 Three-phase electronic formula (static -like) electric meter
9028301900 Other electric meters
9028309000 Other voltameters
9028901000 Industrial used metering device components, appendix
9028909000 Non-industrial used metering device components, appendix

China Hs Code - 9029 :  Revolution counters, production counters, taximeters, mileometers, pedometers and the like; speed indicators & tachometers;

9029101000 Cyclometer
9029102000 Fare idea, hodometer
9029109000 The output counter, the step take into account the similar measuring appliance
9029201000 The vehicles use the speedometer
9029209000 Other speeds take into account the ratemeter, the frequency dodge the observer's apparatus
9029900000 The cyclometer, the fare take into account the similar measuring appliance components

China Hs Code - 9030 :  Oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers & other instruments & apparatus for measuring or checking electrical quantity,

9030100000 Ion beam survey or testing instrument and equipment
9030201000 300 megacycle below general purpose oscilloscopes
9030209000 Other oscilloscopes
9030311000 Five half and the following digital multitester, does not have the recording equipment
9030319000 Other avonmeters, do not have the recording equipment
9030320000 The avonmeter, has the recording equipment
9030331000 Five half and the following digital electric current, the voltmeter, do not have the recording equipment
9030332000 The resistance reflectoscope reflector, does not have the recording equipment
9030339000 The examination voltage, the electric current and power other instruments, do not have the recording equipment
9030390000 Other belt recording equipment examination voltage, electric current, resistance or power instrument
9030401000 412,000,000,000,000 hertz below digital frequency meters
9030409000 Other wireless communication special-purpose instrument and equipment
9030820000 Examination semiconductor chip or component's instrument
9030841000 Inductance and electric capacity reflectoscope reflector
9030849000 Other electric quantity survey or testing instrument and equipment
9030891000 Other inductance and electric capacity reflectoscope reflector
9030899010 Neutron detection and measuring instrument
9030899090 Other electric quantity survey or testing instrument and equipment
9030900001 Examination semiconductor chip and component's instrument components
9030900002 The ITA product uses printed circuit module
9030900090 Item 9030 respective goods components and appendix

China Hs Code - 9031 :  Other measuring or checking instruments, appliances & machines; profile projectors

9031100010 Top dynamical equilibrium reflectoscope reflector
9031100090 Other machine parts balancing machine
9031200010 Top/motor revolution test platform
9031200020 Acceleration table test panel
9031200030 Test bay
9031200040 Inertial platform test panel
9031200090 Other test platforms
9031410000 Manufacture semiconductor device's instrumentation and appliance
9031491000 Outline projecting apparatus
9031492000 Diffraction grating metering equipment
9031499010 Compact disc quality online instrumentation and off-line instrumentation
9031499090 Other optical measurement or testing instrument and appliance
9031801000 Optical fiber communications and optical fiber performance reflectoscope reflector
9031802000 Coordinates measuring instrument
9031803100 Ultrasonic testing instrumentation
9031803200 Magnetic powder test instrumentation
9031803300 Turbulent flow crack detection instrumentation
9031803900 Other lossless crack detection instrumentation (beam crack detector exception)
9031809001 Runway friction coefficient reflectoscope reflector
9031809010 Inertial survey unit reflectoscope reflector
9031809020 Top harmonious reflectoscope reflector
9031809090 Other surveys, testing instrument, appliance and machine
9031900020 Inertial survey unit stable element processing jig
9031900030 Inertial platform balanced jig
9031900090 Item 9031 instruments and appliance's other components

China Hs Code - 9032 :  Automatic regulating or controlling instruments & apparatus

9032100000 Thermostat
9032200000 Barostat
9032810000 Other hydraulic pressure or barometric pressure instrument and equipment
9032891100 The train automatic shielding systems (ATP) the vehicle carries the equipment
9032891200 The train automatic run-time system (ATO) the vehicle carries the equipment
9032891900 Other train automatic control system (ATC) the vehicle carries the equipment
9032899001 The coordinate measuring machines use the automatic control cubicle
9032899002 Airplane self-piloting system
9032899003 The engine bed uses the complete set numerical control servo unit
9032899004 The wind power generation equipment uses the controller
9032899005 Electron in vehicle braking system
9032899020 Combines jet engine's combustion adjusting device
9032899090 Other automatic controls or control the instrument and the equipment
9032900001 Airplane self-piloting system's components
9032900090 Other automatic controls or control instrument components, appendix

China Hs Code - 9033 :  Parts and accessories ( not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter ) for

9033000000 The 90th chapter other serial number unlisted zero, appendix

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