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General Notes (I-O Norms)
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Product Group Notes (I-O Norms)
C525 01-04-2004 Stainless Steel Bars and rods (including Rounds, Flats Hexagons, Octagons, Wire rods, etc.), Angles, Shapes and Sections (including beams, joists, Channels, special profiles, etc.), Plates/ Sheets/Strips/wide Coils/ Blooms/ Billets, Slabs/Ingots, in any c 1000 kgs

Import Product

Sl No w.e.f. Item Description Quantity Allowed and Unit Import Product Notes
01-04-2004 a)Copper Scrap/Copper Cathode/Copper Wire Bar/Copper Rod (if copper is present in the export product)
0.04 kg
01-04-2004 b)Cored Wires of Lead/ Lead Shots (in case of export of Lead bearing free cutting steel only)
2.5 kgs
01-04-2004 c)i)Furnace Oil (only for Units with captive power Plant)
70 kgs
01-04-2004 ii) Lubricant (only for units with captive power Plant)
0.65 kg
01-04-2004 i)Furnace oil for oilfired Reheating Furnace in Rolling Mill
50 kgs
01-04-2004 ii) Furnace oil for Ladle heating
6 kgs
01-04-2004 a)Non-Alloy Steel Melting Scrap
600 kgs
01-04-2004 b) Ferro Nickel
240 kgs
01-04-2004 Nickel Oxide Sinter
105 kg
10  01-04-2004 Unwrought Nickel
90 kg
11  01-04-2004 c)Charge/High Carbon Ferro Chrome
300 kgs
12  01-04-2004 Low Carbon (Carbon containing (0.1% maximum) Ferro Chrome
240 kg
13  01-04-2004 d)Low Silica Lime Stone
100 kgs
14  01-04-2004 a)Non-Alloy Steel Melting Scrap
325 kgs
15  01-04-2004 b)Stainless Steel Melting Scrap (Ni- 6% Minimum, Cr-16% Minimum)
500 kgs
16  01-04-2004 c)Charge/Ferro Nickel/ Nickel Oxide Sinter
165 kgs
17  01-04-2004 d)Charge/High Carbon Ferro Chrome
210 kgs
18  01-04-2004 Low Carbon (Carbon containing 0.1% Maximum) Ferro Chrome
170 kgs
19  01-04-2004 e)Low Silica Lime Stone
100 kgs
20  01-04-2004 a)Non Alloy Steel Melting Scrp
210 kgs
21  01-04-2004 b)Stainless Steel Melting Scrap (Cr 11% Minimum)
500 kgs
22  01-04-2004 c)Charge/ Ferro Nickel/ Nickel Oxide Sinter
240 kgs
23  01-04-2004 d)Charge/ High Carbon Ferro Chrome
250 kgs
24  01-04-2004 Low Carbon (Carbon containing 0.1% Maximum) Ferro Chrome
200 kgs
25  01-04-2004 e)Low Silica Lime Stone
100 kgs
26  01-04-2004 a)Cored wires/lumps/powder of calcium silicide (CaSi)
1 kg
27  01-04-2004 b)Silico Manganese
15 kgs
28  01-04-2004 i)Ferro Silicon
5 kgs
29  01-04-2004 ii)Ferro Manganese
10 kgs
30  01-04-2004 c)Raw Petroleum Coke
5 kgs
31  01-04-2004 d)Cored wires/scrap/ingots /shots of aluminium
1 kg
32  01-04-2004 e)Other Ferro Alloy(s) provided Alloying element(s) is/are actually present in the export product
5.46 kgs
33  01-04-2004 a)Graphite Electrode
6 kgs
34  01-04-2004 b)Rolls/Tungsten Carbide Rings for Rolling Mill
1.77 kgs
35  01-04-2004 c)Copper lined Moulds for castings
0.013 kg
36  01-04-2004 d)Saw/Shear Blade
0.01 kg
37  01-04-2004 e)Ceramic coated lancing pipe
0.75 kg
38  01-04-2004 f)Temperature Tips
0.022 kg
39  01-04-2004 g)Sampler Tips
0.25 No.
40  01-04-2004 h)Casting Powder
a)Zirconia/Magnesia Nozzles
b)Aluminium-Graphite Nozzles/Monoblock Stoppers/Stopper head/Stopper Rods/ Shrouds
2 kgs
41  01-04-2004 c)Porous Plugs/Seat Blocks/Sleeves/Slide Gate Plates
25 kgs
42  01-04-2004 Relevant Synthetic rubber, namely SBR/PBR/Nitrile/EPDM
0.700 Kg/kg wt. of Gasket in the export product
43  01-04-2004 Zinc
0.04 Kg/Kg wt. of steel in export product
44  01-04-2004 Copper Scrap
1.12 kg/kg content in the export product
45  01-04-2004 Zinc
1.10 kg/kg content in the export product
46  01-04-2004 Graphite Plate
47  01-04-2004 Morcem cement
Standard Input Output Norms (SION) Top 25 Export Products:
.Deleted     .Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-polymer (Grade 2806)     .Non alloy steel Galvanised Wires (From melting scrap)     .Asbestos Disc Brake Pads     .Modular Work Station     .Epichlorohydrin     .Optical Brightener (C.I. Flourescent Brightener 28) (C.I. No. 40622)     .Magnesium Aluminate Spinel (containing Alumina and Magnesium Oxide)     .Amodiaquine Tablets 200 mg (each tablet contains Amodiaquine Hydrochloride equivalent to 200 mg of Amodiaquine)     .Amitriptyline     .Polyester Partially oriented Yarn (from Paraxylene & Ethylene route)     .Acid Reconilline N (Acid Red 88) (C.I. No. 15620)     .Deleted     .Rubella Vaccine Live B.P. (Lyophilised/Rubella Vaccine Live, Attenuated (Freeze - Dride) Single Dose with Sterile water for Injection     .Denatonium Benzoate USP     .Propyphenazone (Iso Propyl Antipyrine)     .Oxibendazole Vet     .Deleted     .Paper Bag made of kraft paper     .Cigarette Packaging materials viz. Hinge Lid packets, Hinge Lid blanks, Cigarette box outers, display outers, Flap boxes, Square end parcels, inner frames, Bundle/ Gay wrap, end labels, soft cup labels (in reels and sheets) shells and slides, Oval Plain p     .Zinc Dust containing minimum 99.50% Zinc     .Ferric Chloride     .Gents Leather Shoe Uppers(Stitched/unstitched)     .Shifted to Electronics Group     .Toluene Di Iso Cyanate    

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