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Date: 04-02-2013
Notification No: DGFT Policy Circular No 14(RE-2012)/2009-14
Issuing Authority: DGFT  
Type: Circular
File No: F.No.01/92/180/126/AM-13/PC-VI
Subject: Clarification on availability of Deemed Export Benefits for supply of goods to Mega Power Projects
  Government of India Ministry of

Government of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Department of Commerce
Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi- 110011

Policy Circular No.14(RE-2012/2009-14

Dated: 4th February, 2013


All Regional Authorities
All Customs Authorities
All Members of Trade

Subject: Clarification on availability of Deemed Export Benefits for supply of goods to Mega Power Projects.

Paragraph 8.2(f) of Foreign Trade Policy provides for grant of deemed export benefits to supply of goods required for setting up any Mega Power Project, as specified in Sl.No.507 of Notification issued by Department of Revenue (DoR) bearing No.12/2012-Customs dated 17.03.2012, as amended from time to time.

  1. DoR has issued Notification No.49/2012-Customs dated 10.09.2012, amending entry in Sl.No.507 of DoR Notification No.12/2012-Customs dated 17.03.2012, cited at para 1 above. After this amendment, clarifications have been sought regarding availability of Deemed Export Benefits for supply of goods to Mega Power Projects.

  2. As per amendment referred in para 2, benefit of zero duty import is available only for such Mega Power Project, specified in List 32A, appended to Notification No.49/2012-Customs, so certified by an officer, not below the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of India, in the Ministry of Power before 19th day of July, 2012. Only 111 Mega Power Projects have been included in list 32A of Notification No.49/2012-Customs dated 10.09.2012. This list is given in Annexure to this Circular. Accordingly, deemed export benefits will be available for supply to these 111 projects, subject to the conditions of above stated DoR Notification, provisions of Foreign Trade Policy and Handbook of Procedures.

(Jay Karan Singh)
Joint Director of Foreign Trade
E-mail:[email protected]

Enclosure: List of 111 projects, as available on List 32A of Notification
No.49/2012-Customs dated 10.09.2012 (4 pages).

Annexure to Policy Circular No. 14(RE-2012)2009-14 dated 4.2.2013

1    Parbati-II, Himachal Pradesh - 4x200=800 MW (NHPC)
2    Teesta- V, Sikkim - 3x170=510 MW (NHPC)
3    Sipat-II, Chhattisgarh - 2x500=1000 MW (NTPC)
4    Vindhyachal-III, Madhya Pradesh - 2x500=1000 MW (NTPC)
5    Talcher-II, Orissa - 4x500=2000 MW (NTPC)
6    Rihand-II, Uttar Pradesh - 2x500=1000 MW (NTPC)
7    Sipat-I, Chhattisgarh - 3x660=1980 MW (NTPC)
8    Kahalgaon-II Phase-I & II Bihar - 3x500=1500 MW (NTPC)
9    Barh, Bihar - 3x660=1980 MW (NTPC)
10    Koldam, Himachal Pradesh - 4x200=800 MW (NTPC)
11    Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu- 2x500=1000 MW (NLC)
12    Parbati-III, Himachal Pradesh - 4x130=520 MW (NHPC)
13    Jhanor Gandhar CCPP-II, Gujarat - 2x650=1300 MW (NTPC)
14    Kawas CCPP-II, Gujarat - 2x650=1300 MW (NTPC)
15    RGPPL, Maharashtra - 2150 MW (JV of NTPC/ GAIL/ Govt. of Maharashtra)
16    Tapovan Vishnugad HEP, Himachal Pradesh - 4x130=520 MW (NTPC)
17    Simhadri-II, Andhra Pradesh - 2x500=1000 MW (NTPC)
18    Indira Gandhi STPP-JV project, Haryana - 3x500=1500 MW (NTPC)
19    Bongaigaon, Assam - 3x250=750 MW (NTPC)
20    Barh-II, Bihar - 1320 MW (NTPC)
21    Koderma TPS St-I, Jharkhand – 1000 MW (DVC)
22    Durgapur Steel TPS, West Bengal - 2x500=1000 MW (DVC)
23    Tehri Pump Storage Project – 4x250=1000 MW (THDC)
24    Mauda, Maharashtra – 2x500=1000 MW (NTPC)
25    Rihand- III, Uttar Pradesh - 2 x 500=1000 MW (NTPC)
26    Nabinagar- JV with Railways, Bihar - 4 x 250=1000 MW (NTPC)
27    Vallur Stage- I Phase I & II, Tamil Nadu - 3 x 500=1500 MW (NTPC-Tamil Nadu Energy Co. Ltd.)
28    Raghunathpur TPS Phase 1, West Bengal - 2 x 600=1200 MW (DVC)
29    Tanda- II, Uttar Pradesh-2 x 660=1320 MW (NTPC)
30    Meja, Uttar Pradesh - 2 x 660=1320 MW (NTPC)
31    Vindhyachal-IV, Madhya Pradesh - 2 x 500=1000 MW (NTPC)
32    Solapur STPP, Maharashtra - 2x660=1320 MW (NTPC)
33    Nabinagar STPP, JV with Bihar, Bihar-3x660=1980 MW (NTPC)
34    Mouda STPP-II, Maharashtra- 2x660= 1320 MW (NTPC)
35    Raghunathpur TPS (Ph-II), West Bengal- 2x660=1320 MW (DVC)
36    North Karanpura STPP, Jharkhand- 3x660=1980 MW (NTPC)
37    Kudgi STPP stage-I, Karnataka- 3x800=2400 MW (NTPC)
38    Darlipalli STPP, Stage-I Orissa- 2x800=1600 MW (NTPC)
39    Barethi STPP, Madhya Pradesh- 6x660=3960 MW (NTPC)
40    Lara STPP, Chhattisgarh -2x800=1600 MW (NTPC)
41    Gajmara STPP Stage-I - 2x800= 1600MW (NTPC)
42    Rajiv Gandhi CCPP Stage- II Phase-I, Kerala- 3x350 =1050 MW (NTPC)
43    Gidderbha STPP, Punjab - 4x660= 2640 MW (NTPC)
44    Khargone Super TPP, M.P. - 2x660= 1320 MW (NTPC)
45    Gadarwara Super TPP, M.P. - 2x660= 1320 MW (NTPC)
46    Katwa Super TPP, West Bengal - 2x800= 1600 MW (NTPC)
47    Bilhapur STPP, Uttar Pradesh -2x660= 1320 MW (NTPC)
48    Talcher STPP Stage-III, Orissa - 2x660=1320 MW (NTPC)
49    Khedar (Hissar), Haryana - 1000 (+200) MW (HPGCL)
50    Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh - 2x500= 1000 MW (MPPGCL)
51    Gas based CCPP Pragati-III, Delhi-1371.6 MW (Pragati Power Corp. Ltd.)
52    Sri Damodaran Sanjeevaiah, Nellaturu, Andhra Pradesh - 2x800=1600 MW (APPDCL)
53    Chandrapur Expansion, Maharashtra- 2x500= 1000 MW (MSPGCL)
54    Koradi Expansion, Maharashtra- 3x660= 1980 MW (MSPGCL)
55    Bhusawal Expansion, Maharashtra- 2x500= 1000 MW (MSPGCL)
56    Supercritical TPP at STPS Stage-V at Suratgarh, Rajasthan- 2x660)= 1320 MW (RRVUNL)
57    Supercritical TPP at Chhabra, Rajasthan - 2x660= 1320 MW (RRVUNL)
58    North Chennai, Tamil Nadu-2x600=1200 MW (TNEB)
59    Purulia Pump Storage Hydel Project, West Bengal- 4x225= 900 MW (State Sector)
60    Sagardighi TPP Ext. Unit 3&4, West Bengal-2x500=1000 MW (WBPDCL)
61    Shree Singaji TPP-2x660 (MP Power Generating Company Ltd MW (MPPGCL)
62    Krishnapatnam UMPP, Andhra Pradesh- 6x660= 3960 MW (Coastal Andhra Power Ltd.)
63    Mundra UMPP, Gujarat- 5x800= 4000 MW (Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd.)
64    Sasan, Madhya Pradesh- 6x660= 3960 MW (Sasan Power Ltd.)
65    Tilaiya UMPP, Jharkhand- 5x800= 4000 MW (Jharkhand Integrated Power Ltd.)
66    Orissa UMPP, Orissa- 5x800= 4000 MW
67    Chhattisgarh UMPP, Chhattisgarh- 5x800= 4000 MW
68    Cheyyur UMPP,- 5x800= 4000MW
69    Raigarh TPP, Chhattisgarh- 4x250= 1000 MW (M/s. Jindal Power Ltd.)
70    Akhakhol GBPP, Gujarat- 3x382.5= 1147.5 MW (M/s. Jindal Power Ltd.)
71    Udupi (Nagarjuna) Power Project, Karnataka- 2x600= 1200 MW (M/s. Udupi (Nagarjuna) Power Corp. Ltd.)
72    IPP project Haryana- 2x660= 1320 MW (M/s. Jhajjar Power Ltd.)
73    726 MW CCGT being developed by ONGC-Tripura Power Company Ltd. (OTPC) at Palatana, Tripura-(2x250)(2x113.3)= 726 MW
74    Salaya TPP, Gujarat- 2x600= 1200 MW (M/s. Essar Power Gujarat Ltd.)
75    Tiroda TPP, Maharashtra-5x660=3300 MW (M/s. Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd.)
76    Kawai TPP, Rajashtan - 2x660=1320 MW (M/s. Adani Power Rajasthan Ltd.)
77    Teesta-VI, Sikkim - 4x125= 500 MW (M/s. Lanco)
78    Teesta-III Sikkim- 6x200= 1200 MW (M/s. Teesta Urja Ltd.)
79    KSK Mahanadi Power Company Ltd.(U-3 & 4) Janjgir- Champa, Chhathisgarh-2x600=1200 MW (M/s KSK Mahanadi Power Co Ltd.)
80    Rajpura TPP in the State of Punjab- 2x700= 1400 MW (M/s. Nabha Power Ltd.)
81    Talwandi Sabo power project at Banawala, Punjab.- 3x660=1980 MW (M/s. Talwandi Sabo Power Ltd. (TSPL))
82    TPP at Nandgaonpeth, MIDC, Amravati Dist,. Maharashtra.- 5x270= 1350 MW (M/s. Indiabulls Power Ltd.)
83    TPP at Karachhana, Allahabad, UP- 2x660 = 1320 MW (M/s. Sangam Power Gen Company Ltd.)
84    TPP at Bara, Allahabad, UP. -3x660=1980 MW (M/s. Prayagraj Power Gen. Company Ltd.)
85    TPP at Surguja, Chhattisgarh- 2x660 = 1320 MW (M/s. IFFCO Chhattisgarh Power Ltd.)
86    TPP at Dhenkanal, Orissa-3x350=1050 MW (M/s. GMR Kamalanga Energy Ltd.)
87    GMR Chhattishgarh Energy Ltd. Raipur, Chhattisgarh-2x685 MW
88    KSK Mahanadi Power Corporation Ltd. (U-2&5) Janjgir Champa, Chhattisgarh-2x600 MW
89    KSK Mahanadi Power Corporation Ltd. (U-1&6) Janjgir Champa, Chhattisgarh-2x600 MW
90    Thermal Powertech Corporation Ltd. Pynampuram Andhra Pradesh- 2x660 MW
91    KVK Neelanchal Power Pvt. Ltd Cuttak, Orissa-3x350 MW
92    East-Coast Energy Pvt. Ltd Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.-2x660 MW
93    Monnet Power Corporation Ltd. Malibrahmani, Orissa-2x525 MW
94    Hinduja National Power Corporation Ltd. Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh-2x520 MW
95    Corporate Power Ltd. Chandwa, Jharkhand-4x270 MW
96    Lanco Power Ltd. (U-3,4) Pathadi, Chhattisgarh-2x660 MW
97    Lalitpur Power Generation Company Ltd. Lalitpur, U.P.-3x660 MW
98    Lanco Vidarbha Thermal Power Ltd. Wardha, Maharashtra-2x660 MW
99    Lanco Babandh Power Ltd. Dhenkanal, Orissa-2x660 MW
100    DB Power Ltd. Vadodarha TPP Janjgir – Champa Chattisgarh-2x660 MW
101    Athena Chhattisgarh Power Ltd. Singhitarai TPS Janjgir-Champa, Chattisgarh- 2x600 MW
102    Essar Power Jharkhand Ltd. Tori, Jharkhand- 2x600 MW
103    MB Power (MP) Ltd. Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh-2x600 MW
104    RKM Powergen Pvt. Ltd. Uchpinde TPP Janjgir- Champa, Chattisgarh-4x360 MW
105    IL & FS Tamil Nadu Power Company Ltd. Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu-2x600 MW
106    Meenakshi Energy Pvt. Ltd Thamminapatanam, Andhra Pradesh-Ph-1:2x 150 Ph-II 2x350 MW
107    SKS Power Generation (Chhattisgarh) Ltd. Binj Kote TPP Raigarh, Chhattisgarh-4x300 MW
108    Jindal India Thermal Power Ltd. Angul, Orissa- 2x600 MW
109    NCC Power Projects Nellore AP-2x660 MW
110    Samalkot Power Ltd. Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh-2400 MW
111    Torrent Energy Ltd. Dahej, Gujarat-1200 MW”

Note : This is IDENTICAL to the projects included in List 32A of Notification No.49/2012-Customs dated 10.9.2012


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