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ITC-HS, Export Schedule-2,Table-B, Chapter-44-Wood-And-Articles-Of-Wood-Wood-Charcoal.

Wood and Articles of Wood; Wood Charcoal

Note 1 Definition of handicrafts for the purpose of classification.
  1. A handicraft must be predominantly made by hand. Machinery can also be used in the manufacturing process as a secondary process.
  2. It must be graced with visual appeal in the form of ornamentation or in-lay work or some similar work lending it an element of artistic improvement and such ornamentation must be of a substantial nature and not a mere pretence.

    The classification codes for the handicrafts is only illustrative. The description can cover other headings as well.

    Note 2 : Muli Bamboo (Melocanna baccifera) is freely exportable up to 31.3.2010 . For details see chapter 14. (Amendments in
S.No. Tariff Itrem HS Code Unit Item Description Export Policy Nature of Restriction
143 440110 00
401 21 00
4401 30 00
mt Wood and wood products in the form of logs, timber, stumps, roots, bark, chips, powder, flakes, dust, and charcoal other than saion timber made exclusively out of imported logs/timber Prohibited Not permitted to be exports
144 4401 10 10
4401 10 90
mt Fuel wood, in logs, in billets, in twigs, in faggots or in similar forms; Wood in chips or particles; Sawdust and wood waste and scrap, whether or not agglomerated in logs, briquettes, pellets or similar forms Prohibited Not permitted to be exports
145 4402 00 10
4402 00 90
mt Wood charcoal , whether or not agglomerated Prohibited Not permitted to be exports
146 4407 10 10
4407 10 20
4407 10 90
4407 29 10
4407 29 90
4407 99 10
4407 99 20
4407 99 90
mt Wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, whether or not planed, sanded or end jointed, or a thickness exceeding 6 mm other than sawn timber made exclusively out of imported logs/timber Prohibited Not permitted to be exports
147 4407 10 10
4407 10 20
4407 10 90
4407 29 10
4407 29 90
4407 99 10
4407 99 20
4407 99 90
mt Sawn Timber made exclusively out of imported logs/timber of all the species of wood other than CITES Appendix I & II species Free (I) The Export would be confined to the species which has been imported;

(ii) The importer and exporter will be the same party/firm and the import and export will have to be effected from the same port. The Scheme will be operational only from the ports of Chennai, Kandla, Kolkata, Mangalore, Mumbai, Mundra, Nhavasheva (JNPT), Tuticorin and Visakhapatnam. However, for this purpose Mangalore and Tuticorin shall be treated as the same Port thereby allowing importers to import wood logs from Mangalore and export the sawn timber from Tuticorin and vice-versa. Similar facility shall also be available for Kandla, Mumbai, Mundra and Nhavasheva (JNPT) Ports thereby allowing importers to import from any of the above Ports and export either from the same Port or from any other remaining three Ports.

(Above last sentence has been substituted vide NTF. NO. 02/2008, DT. 11/04/2008)

(iii) The export of sawn products derived from imported logs shall not exceed 60% of the imports in volume terms;

(iv) The value addition of such exports shall be not less than 30%.

(v) The Saw Mill of the exporter, where imported timber is sawn shall be registered with the State Forest Department and shall be located away from the forest area in a location approved by the Conservator of Forests of the State Government;

(vi) The exporter must undertake exports within a period of 12 months from the date of import; (amended by notification no 57,dated 13.04.07)

(vii) The export contracts shall be registered with the Chemicals and Allied Products Export Promotion Council (CAPEXIL) who will monitor them to ensure that the scheme is not abused.

(viii) The laws and rules framed by the Central Government and the State Government regulating timber in transit shall be followed by the exporters.
148 1211 90 50 4403 99 22 M3 Sandalwood in any form, but excluding finished handicraft products of sandalwood, machine finished sandalwood products, sandalwood oil: Prohibited Not permitted to be exported
149 4414 00 00 4415 00 00 4419 00 00 4420 00 00 4421 90 60 4421 90 90 Kg Finished Handicraft products of sandalwood; Free  
150 4409 00 00 Kg Machine finished sandalwood products Free  
151 3301 29 37 Kg Sandalwood Oil Free Subject to Quantitative ceilings and conditionalities as may be notified by the Director General of Foreign Trade from time to time.
152 1211 90 50 4401 30 00 mt Sandalwood De-oiled Spent Dust Restricted Export permitted under licence subject to conditionalities as may be notified by the Director General of Foreign Trade from time to time.
153 1211 90 50 4403 99 22 Other forms of sandalwood as specified Restricted Export permitted under licence subject to conditionalities as may be notified by the Director General of Foreign Trade from time to time.
154 4403 99 18 4407 99 90 m3
  1.  Red Sanders wood in any form, whether raw, processed or unprocessed , except at (b) below
Prohibited Not permitted to be exported.

The condition stipulated in Column 5 against Sl. No.154(a) of Chapter 44 of Schedule 2 of the “ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items 1st September, 2004 – 31st March, 2009” shall be relaxed for a period of one month with effect from the date of issue of export licence to allow export of 354.98 MT of A, B, C and D grades of Red Sanders Wood, in the form of log obtained from Government of Andhra Pradesh through auction.


155 3203 00 90
3805 10 10
9202 10 00 9202 90 00 9203 00 10 9203 00 90 9204 10 00 9204 20 00 9206 00 00 9208 10 00 9208 20 00 9209 92 00 9209 93 00 9209 99 00
  1. (b) Value added products of Red Sanders wood such as Extracts, Dyes, Musical Instruments and parts of Musical Instruments, made from Redsanders wood, procured from legal sources

Exports permitted under licence subject to the following documentation.

Applications for export licences should be accompanied by attested copies of certificate of origin issued by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests of the State from where the stocks were procured, giving details of the date of procurement from legal sources and quantities procured. A Certificate of the current position of stocks so procured and available with the applicant given after physical verification of the stocks, by the authority nominated for the purpose by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, should also accompany application for export licence.

The applications shall be considered on merits for issue of Export Licence, which shall be subject to any other conditions such as MEP, quantity ceilings requirements under CITES, etc. as may be prescribed from time to time.


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