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Olymp Trade Platform Review: A Great Solution for Small Traders.

Date: 19-10-2019
Subject: Olymp Trade Platform Review: A Great Solution for Small Traders
A wise person once said that if your money isn’t working for you, then you are only working for money. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways available to invest your money with varying degrees of risk to get that money working for you.

As a small investor, you might be struggling like many of us to find a high quality and reliable platform to invest your hard earned money profitably. With all the trading platforms out there, making a decision on which one to use can be difficult. However, Olymp Trade has been able to assemble a fantastic platform that solves many of the problems small investors face when entering the market.

Here is a breakdown of what to consider when choosing a broker and platform for trading when you’re investing. Of course, you can get started on Olymp Trade with as little as $10 USD to open your account.

Variety of Tradable Assets

 Many different brokers and exchanges are limited in the types of assets they offer. As such, investors are also either limited in what they can trade or they need to set up multiple brokerage accounts. For small investors, the latter option isn’t reasonable.

Olymp Trade solves this problem by offering a wide array of assets from a plethora of markets. The list is too long to name them all, but here are some of the more popular assets available on Olymp Trade:


Currency Pair like the Euro versus the U.S. Dollar

Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) like U.S. Real Estate and the Brazilian MSCI

Whatever your interest or expertise, Olymp Trade gives you the opportunity to start trading it.

Entry and Exit of Funds

 One of the most important aspects for all investors is the ease with which you can deposit and withdraw funds via a broker. This is even more important for people with limited amounts of money in hand.

Olymp Trade has incorporated a variety of ways in which to deposit and withdraw funds to your brokerage account including Visa, Mastercard, Fasapay, and Skrill. You can even deposit Bitcoin. There is virtually a no wait time for deposits or withdrawals to be processed giving you quick access to your funds and there are absolutely no commissions on deposits or withdrawals.

 Risk/Profit Ratio

 All investments are subject to risk and Forex, Commodities, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are no exception. New traders with limited experience are especially vulnerable to changes in market conditions but Olymp Trade helps to significantly reduce those risks with built-in systems on its platform.

One of the best aspects of Olymp Trade is the leverage and multiplier features. Typically, an investor can use leverage to increase the value of a trade, but they are on the hook for the leveraged amount if they make a loss.

With Olymp Trade’s system, investors are only accountable for their personal stake and Olymp Trade takes the risk with the leveraged amount. This is one of the best parts of the platform as it allows investors to multiply there profits on good trades and minimize their losses when they make a bad trade.

For FOREX trading, Olymp Trade multiplies your trade by 10 allowing a small investor in an asset like Bitcoin to purchase $1000 worth with only $100. This allows for a greater profit on small fluctuations in the market. In this case a 5% increase in the price of Bitcoin would net the investor $50 minus the commissions instead of the $5 they would otherwise have made.

These multipliers vary by currency pair, but some give the investor a 500 times multiplier allowing small investors to make significant profits on their positions with only a small risk of capital. This reduced risk leverage is exactly what small investors need when looking to build up their capital.

For example: Investor A enters a position with $100 on the EUR/USD currency pair without a multiplier and Investor B enters the same position with $100 but with the x500 multiplier. If the position improves by 5%, Investor A makes $5 which isn’t a bad return on a short term investment. However, Investor B will make $2500 on the same trade using the same amount of their own capital.

Even better is that the Olymp Trade platform tracks the trade so you know exactly what you stand to make in real time. This feature is incredibly useful for investors since it eliminates the need to do calculations on your own and factor in commissions. Olymp Trade does it for you.

You can even set up your trade to automatically sell your asset at a certain profit level using the Take Profit option. In the previously mentioned Bitcoin trade the Olymp Trade Take Profit option will take the commissions into account when it sells the asset for you so that your profit is $50 or close to it.

On the flip side, you can set a Stop Loss amount so that if the asset starts to go down, Olymp Trade will automatically sell the asset at a certain level, which can limit your loss significantly.

Tools, Tools, and more Tools

Perhaps the absolute best part of Olymp Trade is its commitment to providing professional trading tools to its members. All the best tracking and analytical programs available to expert traders are easily accessible and for free.

What’s more is that Olymp Trade even shows you how to use these tools through a series of online Master Classes, tutorial videos, and great blog posts. Investors can get a thorough education from trading experts on developing strategies for successful trading and even get 1 on 1 feedback from experienced traders.

One of the incredibly useful tools is the Simple Moving Indicator (SMA), which can help select great entry points for trades when used in conjunction with other tools or breaking news that affects a particular market. Olymp Trade’s video on the SMA tool is quick and well explained, which is great for people with limited time.

Free Demo Money: Learn Without Risk

 The icing on the cake for Olymp Trade is there Demo Account they provide to all users with $10,000 of play money to utilize while learning the ropes of trading. This feature is indispensable when investors are trying to get a feel for a new asset they are trading or practicing new trading strategies.

With the Demo Account, traders can improve and hone their skills risk free beforehand. If you run out of Demo Account money, you can replenish it back to the $10,000 level at any time. Once you feel like your ready to go live with your own investment, you can easily change from your demo account to your live account with a simple click from the drop down menu.

Get Started Today

Olymp Trade has so much upside and has reduced the risk of investing in the market that anyone looking for a solid platform need look any further. Setting up an account takes only several minutes, deposits and withdrawals are fast, and the tools for successful trading is at your fingertips.

There is no better time than the present to start trading.

Source: moneycontrol.com

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