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Export Code w.e.f. Item Description Quantity and Unit Notes
General Notes (I-O Norms)
Fuel Notes(I-O Norms)
Packing Notes(I-O Norms)
Product Group Notes (I-O Norms)
A3288 01-04-2004 U.V. Curable Printing Ink - Cyan, Flush Route (Pigment 14.7 +/- 1%) 1 kg

Import Product

Sl No w.e.f. Item Description Quantity Allowed and Unit Import Product Notes
01-04-2004 U.V. Flush Colour - Cyan (30% +/- 1% Pigment and 60 +/- 1% Polyester Acrylate/Urethane Acrylate/Acrylic Acrylate/Epoxy Acrylate)
0.5050 kg
01-04-2004 Polyester Acrylate
0.2580 kg
01-04-2004 OR
01-04-2004 2. Acylic Acrylate
0.2580 kg
01-04-2004 OR
01-04-2004 2. Urethane Acrylate
0.2580 kg
01-04-2004 OR
01-04-2004 2. Epoxy Acrylate (75% Resin content in the Relevant Monomer)
0.2580 kg
01-04-2004 OR
10  01-04-2004 2. Raw Materials for Epoxy Acrylate (75% Resin content in the Relevant Monomer)
11  01-04-2004 2 A Epoxy Resin
0.1393 kg
12  01-04-2004 2 B Acrylic Acid
0.0547 kg
13  01-04-2004 2 C Mono Ethyl Hydro Quinone
0.0013 kg
14  01-04-2004 2 D Benzyl Dimethyl Amine
0.0026 kg
15  01-04-2004 2 E Relevant Reactive Monomer namely Tripropylene Glycol Diacrylate / Tri Methylol Propane Tri Acrylate/ Ethoxylated Tri Methylol Propane Tri Acrylate /Di pentaerythritol Hexa Acrylate
0.0653 kg
16  01-04-2004 Relevant Reactive Monomer namely Tripropylene Glycol Diacrylate/ Tri Methylol propane Tri Acrylate/Ethoxylated Tri Methylol Propane Tri Acrylate/Di Pentaerythritol Hexa Acrylate
0.1030 kg
17  01-04-2004 Photo Initiator Combo
0.1030 kg
18  01-04-2004 P.E. Wax
0.0110 kg
19  01-04-2004 Fumed Silica/Additive
0.0510 kg
Standard Input Output Norms (SION) Top 25 Export Products:
.Asphasol/Magcoasphasol Shale Stab/Stabil Shale (Shale Stabilizer)     .Cyclopentyl Bromine     .96 Fibre Optical Fibre Armoured Cable Cable outer Dia: 16.3 MM +/- 1MM 258Kg/Km +/- 5% Consisting of Eight PBT Tubes of 2.8MM OD.     .Liquid printing Ink -P.U. Based - in White colour - (For Food Grade Packaging) Pigment content - Minimum 27.8% Solid P.U. Resin content - Minimum 9.6%     .Lead Cored Wire from Lead Ingots     .Potassium Metabisulphite     .Methyl Nicotinate BP/USP     .Bicycle Bell (Weight: 178 gms for item 1, 16 gms for item 2 )     .Ball Screw Actuator     .Measles, and Rubella Vaccine Live USP, (Lyophilised)/ Measles & Rubella Vaccine Live Attenuated (Freeze-Dried) 10 doses with Sterile water for Injection     .Electrical Wiring Accessories made of copper/Copper Alloy & relevant finished parts made of plastic/steel     .Glyceryl Tri-Stearate     .Low Temperature Carbon Monoxide Conversion Catalysts containing (Zinc 35% & Copper 30%)     .Oscilloscopes     .Fruit Jams/Jelly packed in OTS cans/dingeley cans     .Barb Arm Base     .Urinary Incontinence Sets     .U-Clamp/C-Clamp.     .Shifted under Plastic Product Group     .Ciprofloxacin Lactate Monohydrate     .Zirconium Oxide Macro Micro Grinding Media in various shapes and sizes (Containing 80% zirconium dioxide & 20% cerium oxide)     .DT Plus Module with Protection Insert with Test Contact with Gel without Arrestor     .Wiredrawing chemical (sodium & potassium stearate based) fatty acid content 35%     .Carbon Steel/Non Alloy Steel/Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel Forgings(Machined) above 10 kgs. Pc. Weight Upto 100 kg. Pc. Weight.     .Actovegin Injection 5 ml Ampoule containing Actovegin concentrate not less than 1113 mg    

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