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Export Code w.e.f. Item Description Quantity and Unit Notes
General Notes
General Notes (I-O Norms)
Fuel Notes(I-O Norms)
Packing Notes(I-O Norms)
Product Group Notes (I-O Norms)
C391 01-04-2004 Production tubing of OD 60.325 mm to 114.3mm OD equivalent to 2-3/8" OD to 4-1/2" OD 1000 Mtrs.

Import Product

Sl No w.e.f. Item Description Quantity Allowed and Unit Import Product Notes
01-04-2004 Plain end Seamless Pipes of relevant Dia.
1055 Mtrs
01-04-2004 Plain end Seamless coupoling stock
23 Mtrs
01-04-2004 Coating material (Optional)
115 Gallons (on net to net basis)
01-04-2004 Finished thread inserts
30 Sets (on net to net basis)
01-04-2004 Cross Overs
Net to net with accountability in the export product upto a maximum of 5 Nos.
01-04-2004 Ferro Silicon
Qty in Kgs as in Formula (2) of Note 4
01-04-2004 Ferro Manganese
Qty in Kgs as in Formula 3) of Note 4
01-04-2004 Refractory comprising of :
Zirconia/ magnesia nozzles
Aluminium-graphite nozzles/ monoblock stoppers/ stopper heads/ stopper rods/ shrouds
Porous plugs/ seat blocks/ sleeves/ slide gate plates
Direct bonded basic bricks
EBT Tubes/ mass/ bricks
Monolithic/ gunning/ ramming mass/ castables
Dolomite/ magnesia carbon bricks
15 kg
01-04-2004 Other ferro alloy(s) (Including charge/ ferro nickel/ charge chrome etc ) provided the alloying element(s) is/are actually present in the export product
Qty of each ferro alloy in kg as in formula (iv) of note 4
10  01-04-2004 Casting powder
2 kgs
11  01-04-2004 Saw/ shear blade
0.01 kg
12  01-04-2004 Copper scrap/ Copper Cathode/Copper Wire Bar/Copper Rods (if copper is actually present in the steel)
0.04 kg
13  01-04-2004 Furnace oil (For captive power plant only)
70 kgs
14  01-04-2004 Furnace oil for oil fired reheating furnace in the rolling mill
50 kgs
15  01-04-2004 Furnace oil for ladle heating
6 kgs
16  01-04-2004 Lubricant (for captive power plant)
0.65 kgs
17  01-04-2004 Low silica lime stone
100 kgs
18  01-04-2004 Cored wire/ scrap/ ingots of aluminium
1 kg
19  01-04-2004 Cored wire of lead/ lead shots (in case of export of lead bearing free cutting steel only)
2.5 kgs
20  01-04-2004 Raw petroleum coke
5 kgs
21  01-04-2004 Ceramic coated lancing pipe
1 No
22  01-04-2004 Temperature tips
0.50 No.
23  01-04-2004 Sampler tips
0.25 No.
24  01-04-2004 Dry drawing lubricant/ coating
8 kgs
25  01-04-2004 Wire drawing soap
7 kgs
26  01-04-2004 Tungsten carbide dies
5 No
27  01-04-2004 Wet drawing lubricant/ coating
4 kgs
28  01-04-2004 Plastic bobbins/ spools
300 Nos
29  01-04-2004 v) Special Refractories namely, Continuous Cast refractories (such as Shrouds, Mono Block Stoppers and Sub-entry Nozzles), Slide Gate refractories, Porous Plug Zircon/ Zirconia Nozzles and Tundish Nozzles
1 kg
Standard Input Output Norms (SION) Top 25 Export Products:
.Brace Band (Galvanised)     .Coil spring Expander for Piston Ring (Round)     .7-Chloro-6-Fluoro- 1-Cyclopropyl-1-4- Dihydro-4-Oxoqui- noline-3-Carb- oxilic Acid (Drug intermediate for Ciprofloxacin)     .Sheet Glass     .Fast Orange GC Base     .Molybdenum Fine Wire (below 0.5mm Dia)     .Pneumatic Tool Hand Drill with Drilling Diameter upto 1-1/4" (one and a quarter inch) with muffler     .Cotter Pin - Set of 2 (Weight: 3 gms for item 1, 40 gms for item 2)     .Nylon Filament Twine     .Sulpho J-Acid     .Industrial Hand Gloves (Medium size) (Based on consumption of Gloving leather hide/ splits 36cm in length, 3.60 sq.ft)     .Reactive Polyamide Resin with Free Amino Groups and Viscosity at 250C 125 to 175 poises (SYNPOL-140)     .Clonazepam USP     .Fractional horse power single phase case type construsction motor with cast iron or aluminium or sheet metal end cover - 26 Watts to 74 Watts     .Acrylic Pellets (Poly Methyl Methacrylate)     .Diethyl Carbomoyl Chloride     .Folding Bed made of Mild Steel     .Cementing Float/Duplex Differential Collar of different sizes     .Methyl Syringate 94% (3, 5 Dimethoxy-4- Hydroxy Benzoic Acid Methyl Ester)     .M.S. Washer Galvanised/painted     .Asbestos brakelinings without Brass chips     .Thinwalled engine Bearings, Bushings and thrust washers in Steel backed Lead Based White Metal Alloy GM-155/GL-13/L-100/F-99/SAE-13     .Fast Bordeaux G.P. Base     .Totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage induction motor suitable for upto & including 660 V, 3 Phase, AC supply - 0.76 KW to 7.4 KW     .Disperse Violet FRL (Disperse Violet 28) (C.I. No. 61102) (Dye content 40%)    

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Date: 19-01-2023
Notification No. 05/2023 - Customs (N.T.)
Exchange rate Notification No. 05/2023-Cus (NT) dated 19.1.2023.

Date: 16-01-2023
Notification No. 04/2023-Central Excise
Seeks to further amend No. 04/2022-Central Excise, dated the 30th June, 2022 , to reduce the Special Additional Excise Duty on Diesel.

Date: 16-01-2023
Notification No. 03/2023-Central Excise
Seeks to amend No. 18/2022-Central Excise, dated the 19th July, 2022 to reduce the Special Additional Excise Duty on production of Petroleum Crude and export of Aviation turbine Fuel.

Date: 13-01-2023
Notification No. 01 /2023–Customs
seeks to exempt COVID -19 vaccines from basic Custom duty till 31st March, 2023

Date: 13-01-2023
Notification No. 04/2023-CUSTOMS (N.T.
Fixation of Tariff Value of Edible Oils, Brass Scrap, Areca Nut, Gold and Silver- Reg

Date: 11-01-2023
NOTIFICATION No. 03/2023-Customs (N.T.)
Customs (Assistance in Value Declaration of Identified Imported Goods) Rules, 2023- Reg.

Date: 06-01-2023
Notification No. 01/2023-Customs (ADD)
Seeks to extend levy of ADD on Fishing Net originating in or exported from China PR

Date: 05-01-2023
Notification No. 02/2023 - Customs (N.T.)
Exchange rate Notification No. 02/2023-Cus (NT) dated 5.1.2023-reg

Date: 04-01-2023
NOTIFICATION No 01/2023-Central Tax
To assign powers of Superintendent of central tax to Additional Assistant Directors in DGGI, DGGST and DG Audit.

Date: 02-01-2023
Notification No. 02/2023-Central Excise
Seeks to further amend No. 04/2022-Central Excise, dated the 30th June, 2022 , to modify the Special Additional Excise Duty on Diesel

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