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C512 01-04-2004 Non Alloy/Alloy/ Stainless Steel Bars & Rods (including Rounds, Flats, Hex- agons, Octagons, Wire rods, Cold twisted deformed bars, thermo mechnically treated reinforcing Bars) Angles, Shapes and Sections (including beams, Joists, Channels, special profil 1000 kgs

Import Product

Sl No w.e.f. Item Description Quantity Allowed and Unit Import Product Notes
01-04-2004 i)Copper Cathode/Copper Wire Bar/Copper Rods (if copper is present in the export product)
0.04 kg
01-04-2004 ii)Copper Plates/Micro alloyed copper plate (for use in copper lined casting moulds)
0.1 kg
01-04-2004 iii)Furnace Oil/LSHS/Naptha
13 kgs
01-04-2004 i)Non-Alloy Steel Melting Scrap
330 kgs
01-04-2004 ii)Pig Iron
31.774 kgs
01-04-2004 iii)Low silica lime Stone
620 kgs
01-04-2004 iv)Coking Coal
Low Ash Metallurgical Coke (LAM Coke)
1000 kgs, 700Kgs.
01-04-2004 Metallurgical Coke
700 kgs
01-04-2004 Cored wires/scraps/ shots/ingots of aluminium
1.466 kgs
10  01-04-2004 Ferro Niobium
0.035 kg
11  01-04-2004 Ferro Vanadium
0.004 kg
12  01-04-2004 Ferro Silicon/ Ferro Manganese/ Silico Manganese/ Other ferro Alloy(s) (including Nickel Oxide Sinter/Ferro Nickel/Charge chrome provided the alloying elements is/are actually present in the export product.
17.00 kgs
13  01-04-2004 Calcium Silicide (CaSi)
1.5 kg
14  01-04-2004 f)Raw Petroleum Coke
2.3 kgs
15  01-04-2004 a)Silicon Carbide Grains
2.0 kgs
16  01-04-2004 b)Rolls/Tungsten Carbide rings for Rolling Mill
1.77 kgs
17  01-04-2004 c)Celox Inserts/Oxygen measuring probes
0.004 kg
18  01-04-2004 d)Thermodynamic elements
0.325 kg
19  01-04-2004 e)Magnesia Reagent/ Desulphurisation Compound
0.006 kg
20  01-04-2004 f)Silica Gel/Mobile Sorbead
0.010 kg
21  01-04-2004 g)Freon Gas-142/114(Net of Cylinders)
0.010 kg
22  01-04-2004 h)Stainless steel Hoses
0.007 kg
23  01-04-2004 i) shear Blades/Saw Blades
0.010 kg
24  01-04-2004 j) Oxygen Lance pipes
0.750 kg
25  01-04-2004 k)Rolling Mill Oil
0.500 kg
26  01-04-2004 l)Casting Powder
2.083 kg
27  01-04-2004 m)Temperature Tips
0.022 kg
28  01-04-2004 n)Canned Elements/Pearmeable elements for combined blowing
0.200 kg
29  01-04-2004 o)Graphite electrodes (only those having VADR facilities)
1.000 kg
30  01-04-2004 p)Welding flux
8.0 kgs
31  01-04-2004 q)Weld wire
4.0 kgs
32  01-04-2004 r)Surface protection film
13.3 kgs
33  01-04-2004 s)Copper lined mould for casting
0.013 kg
34  01-04-2004 t) Refractory Bricks/ Shapes and/or Dead Burnt/ Sea Water/ Fused Magnesia for Captive use for manufacture of Bricks/ Shapes
9 kgs
35  01-04-2004 u) Monolithic Refractory viz. Castable, Gumming Mass & Ramming Mass and/or Dead Burnt/ Sea Water/ Fused Magnesia for captive use for manufacture of Monolithic Refractory
5 kgs
36  01-04-2004 i) Ferro Silicon and
5 kgs
37  01-04-2004 ii) Ferro Manganese
10 kgs
38  01-04-2004 c)Raw Petroleum Coke
5 kgs
39  01-04-2004 d)Cored Wires/Scrap/Ingots/ Shots of Aluminium
1 kg
40  01-04-2004 a)Graphite Electrode
6 kgs
41  01-04-2004 b)Rolls/ Tungsten Carbide Rings for Rolling Mill
1.77 kgs
42  01-04-2004 c)Copper lined moulds for castings
0.019 kg
43  01-04-2004 d)Shear Blades/ Saw Blades
0.1 kg
44  01-04-2004 e)Ceramic Coated lancing pipe
0.75 kg
45  01-04-2004 f)Temperature Tips
0.022 kg
46  01-04-2004 g)Sampler Tips
0.25 No.
47  01-04-2004 h)Casting Powder
a)Zirconia/ Magnesia Nozzles
b)Aluminium-Graphite Nozzles/ Monoblock Stoppers/Stopper head/Stopper Rods/Shrouds
c)Porous Plugs/Seat Blocks/ Sleeves/Slide Gate Plates
2 kgs
48  01-04-2004 d)Direct Bonded Basic Bricks
e) EBT Tube/Mass/Bricks
f)Monolithic/Gunning/Ramming Mass/castables
g)Dolomite Magnesia Carbon Bricks
h)Ladle Inner Nozzles/ Collector Nozzles
Major Input comprising of:
10 kgs
Standard Input Output Norms (SION) Top 25 Export Products:
.Deleted     .1-(3-Chloropropyl)-2-Benzimidazoline     .Caprolactum (based on Cyclohexanone)     .Methylol Amino Resins containing 65% sulphonated Resins, 20% PF condensate & 5% UF Resin (T-150)     .Oleoresin Rosemary     .Albendazole Sulphoxide     .288 Fibre Optical Fibre Armoured Cable Cable outer Dia: 24.6MM +/- 1MM 577Kg/Km +/- 5% Consisting of 12 PBT Tube of 4mm OD.     .Fork Crown Cover (Weight: 16 gms for item 1 )     .Copper Flats/ Sheets/ Strips     .Rayon Tyre Cord/ Fabric dipped     .Galvanised Welded steel Pipes/ Tubes     .Diamond Impregnated Segments: Other Diamond impregnated segments not covered under items at Sl.Nos. 408,410 to 412.     .Deleted     .Flurocarbon Rubber (Viton) Oil Seals     .Senna Extract Dried Powder     .Methyl Pentenone (Minimum 96% Trans Isomer)     .Ladies Leather Half Boot Uppers     .Radios     .Castor Wheels     .3-Amino-4- Methoxy Biphenyl     .U.V. Flush Colour - various colours containing 30% +/-1% Pigment and 60%+/-1% Polyester Acrylate/ Acrylic Acrylate/ Urethene Acrylate/ Epoxy Acrylate     .Acid Blue 113 (Acid Fast Blue S 5R) (C.I. No. 26360)     .N.N'-Dinitrosopenta Methylene Tetramine DNPT based     .12 Fibre OpticalFibre Armoured Cable Cable OuterDia 13.8MM +/- 1mm 171Kg/Km +/-5% Consisting of Two PBT Tube of 2.8mm OD.     .Split Airconditioner 12000 BTU consisting of 1 condenser 1 Evaporator    

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