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Monitoring of export obligation against EPCG Licences, DGFT Policy Circular No 13/1998, 11-06-1998

Date: 11-06-1998
Notification No: DGFT Policy Circular No 13/1998
Issuing Authority: DGFT  
Type: Circular
File No:
Subject: Monitoring of export obligation against EPCG Licences
Monitoring of export obligation against EPCG Licences

Policy Circular No. 13 dated 11th June 1998

Attention is invited to Paragraph 6.11 and 6.12 of the current Handbook of Procedures, 1st April, 1997- 31st March 2002  (revised edition announced on 13.4.1998), which laid down the time schedule for fulfilment of EO under 10% EPCG Scheme and Zero Duty EPCG Scheme. The said time schedule is applicable to the EPCG licences issued on or after 5th June 1995.

2.     All the Regional Licensing Authorities are requested to strictly follow the procedures laid down for monitoring of export obligation. In the case of licences issued under 15%/ 10% EPCG Scheme, the licence holder should be advised to sent the annual report on the progress made in fulfilment of export obligation against the licence issued to him in the format prescribed given in Appendix 10C of the current Handbook of Procedures within three months from the expiry of every year starting from the second year of the EO period. Likewise, in the case of the licences issued under Zero Duty EPCG Scheme, the licence holder should be advised to sent the report on the progress made in fulfilment of the export obligation within three months from the expiry of the every block starting from 2nd block of the EO period. After scrutiny of the documents, the RLA should intimate the customs authority regarding the fulfilment or otherwise in EO as per the time schedule laid down in the Handbook of Procedures.

RLAs should continue to send a consolidated statement regarding the position of EO fulfilment to DGFT every month in the format already prescribed for the purpose regarding the number of licences issued, CIF value, export obligation, position regarding fulfilment of EO etc. The monitoring report should also indicate sector wise details regarding the licenses issued, EO fulfillment etc.

This issues with the approval of DGFT.


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