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    Appendix 41 – List of Services eligible for benefits under Served From India Scheme (SFIS)., DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE No.25/(RE 2010)/2009-14, 18-01-2011

    Date: 18-01-2011
    Notification No: DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE No.25/(RE 2010)/2009-14
    Issuing Authority: DGFT  
    Type: Public Notice
    File No: F. No.01/94/180/549/AM08/PC1/nowPC3
    Subject: Appendix 41 – List of Services eligible for benefits under Served From India Scheme (SFIS).

    Government of India
    Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    Department of Commerce
    Directorate General of Foreign Trade
    Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi 110011

    Public Notice No. 25 (RE 2010)/2009-2014

    Dated: the 18th January 2011

    Subject: Appendix 41 - List of Services eligible for benefits under Served From India Scheme (SFIS).

    In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14, the Handbook of Procedures, Vol. 1 (HBPv1) is being modified to incorporate a list of services which are eligible to receive benefit under SFIS. This list would be Appendix 41 of HBPv1 and is described in the Annexure 1 to this Public Notice.

    2. Para 3.6.1 of the HBPv1 titled ‘Ineligible Remittances and Services for SFIS Scheme’ gives the categories which are not eligible for this scheme. Para 3.6.1(g) of the HBPv1 (Updated as on 23.8.2010) relating to Telecom Sector is deleted. The word ‘Airlines,’ appearing in the Para 3.6.1(h) of the HBPv1 (Updated as on 23.8.2010) is also deleted.

    Effect of this Public Notice:

    • Appendix 41 of HBPv1 provides the list of services which will be entitled for SFIS benefits on foreign exchange earned from 1.1.2011. Services not covered in Appendix 41 of HBPv1 will not be eligible for SFIS benefits on foreign exchange earned from 1.1.2011.

    • Since Telecommunication and Airline Service Sectors are not listed in Appendix 41 of HBPv1, references to these sectors are deleted from the Para 3.6.1 of HBPv1.

    These amendments are effective from 1st January 2011.

    (Anup K. Pujari)
    Director General of Foreign Trade
    (Issued from F. No.01/94/180/549/AM08/PC1/nowPC3)

    Annexure 1 to the Public Notice 25(RE 2010)/2009-2014 dated18th January 2011

    For the purpose of Served from India Scheme


    A. Professional services
          a. Legal services
          b. Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services
          c. Taxation services
          d. Architectural services
          e. Engineering services
          f. Integrated engineering services
          g. Urban planning and landscape architectural services
          h. Medical and dental services
          i. Veterinary services
          j. Services provided by midwives, nurses, physiotherapists and paramedical personnel
       B. Research and development services  
    a. R&D services on natural sciences
          b. R&D services on social sciences and humanities
          c. Interdisciplinary R&D services
       C. Rental/Leasing services without operators
          a.   Relating to ships
          b.   Relating to aircraft
          c.   Relating to other transport equipment
          d.   Relating to other machinery and equipment
       D. Other business services  
          a.   Advertising services
          b.   Market research and public opinion polling services
          c.   Management consulting service
          d.   Services related to management consulting
          e.   Technical testing and analysis services
          f.   Services incidental to agricultural, hunting and forestry
          g.   Services incidental to fishing
          h.   Services incidental to mining
          i.   Services incidental to manufacturing
          j.   Services incidental to energy distribution
          k.   Placement and supply services of personnel
          l.   Investigation and security
          m.   Related scientific and technical consulting services
          n.   Maintenance and repair of equipment (not including maritime vessels, aircraft or other transport equipment)
          o.   Building- cleaning services
          p.   Photographic services
          q.   Packaging services
          r.   Printing, publishing
          s.   Convention services

       A. Audiovisual services      
          a. Motion picture and video tape production and distribution service
          b. Motion picture projection service
          c. Radio and television services
          d. Radio and television transmission services
          e. Sound recording

       A. General Construction work for building  
       B. General Construction work for Civil Engineering
       C. Installation and assembly work
       D. Building completion and finishing work

       A. Primary education services
       B. Secondary education services
       C. Higher education services
       D. Adult education

      A. Sewage services
      B. Refuse disposal services
      C. Sanitation and similar services

      A. Hospital services  

       A. Hotels and Restaurants (including catering)  
       B. Travel agencies and tour operators services  
       C. Tourist guides services  

      A. Entertainment services (including theatre, live bands and circus services)  
       B. News agency services
      C. Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural services  
      D. Sporting and other recreational services  

    9.   TRANSPORT SERVICES         
          A.   Maritime Transport Services     
             a.   Passenger transportation
             b.   Freight transportation
             c.   Rental of vessels with crew
             d.   Maintenance and repair of vessels
             e.   Pushing and towing services
             f.   Supporting services for maritime transport
          B.   Air transport services     
             a.   Rental of aircraft with crew
             b.   Maintenance and repair of aircraft
          C.   Road Transport Services 
             a.   Passenger transportation
             b.   Freight transportation
             c.   Rental of Commercial vehicles with operator
             d.   Maintenance and repair of road transport equipment
             e.   Supporting services for road transport services
          D.   Services Auxiliary To All Modes Of Transport   
             a.   Cargo-handling services
             b.   Storage and warehouse services
             c.   Freight transport agency services


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