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Updation of SCOMET list [Appendix 3 to Schedule 2 of ITC (HS) Classification of Export & Import Items]., Notification No 116 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014, 13-03-2015

Date: 13-03-2015
Notification No: Notification No 116 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014
Issuing Authority: DGFT  
Type: Notification
File No: File No. 01/91/171/37/AM10/EC(S)
Subject: Updation of SCOMET list [Appendix 3 to Schedule 2 of ITC (HS) Classification of Export & Import Items].

Government of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Department of Commerce

NOTIFICATION No. 116 (RE-2013)/2009-2014

New Delhi, Dated : 13 March, 2015

Subject: Updation of SCOMET list [Appendix 3 to Schedule 2 of ITC (HS) Classification of Export & Import Items].

S.O. (E) In exercise of powers conferred by Section 5 and Section 14 A of the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1992 {FT(D&R) Act,1992} as amended, the Central Government hereby makes the following amendments to the list of specified goods, services and technologies, i.e. Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies (SCOMET) that was notified vide Notification No.37 (RE-2012) /2009-2014 dated 14th March, 2013 and amended vide Notification No.26 (RE-2013) /2009-2014 dated 3rd July, 2013:

2. Amendments in the SCOMET categories will be as follows:

  1.  After SCOMET 2A028, the following shall be added:-
    “2A029 Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli, serotype O157 and other verotoxin producing serotypes
    2A030 Mycoplasma capricolum subspecies capripneumoniae (‘strain F38’)
    2A031 Salmonella typhi”
  2.  After SCOMET 2B005, the following shall be added:-
    “2B006 Coccidiodes posadasii”
  3.  After SCOMET 2D053, the following shall be added:-
    “2D054 Andes virus
    2D055 Chapare virus
    2D056 Choclo virus
    2D057 Dobrava-Belgrade virus
    2D058 Herpes virus (Aujeszky's disease)
    2D059 Hendra virus (Equine morbillivirus)
    2D060 Laguna Negra virus
    2D061 Louping ill virus
    2D062 Lujo virus
    2D063 Lumpy skin disease virus
    2D064 Lassa fever virus
    2D065 Nipah virus
    2D066 Oropouche virus
    2D067 Porcine enterovirus type 9 (synonym: swine vesicular disease virus)
    2D068 Rocio virus
    2D069 Seoul virus”
  4.  After SCOMET 2F017, the following shall be added:-
    “2F018 Cholera toxin
    2F019 Conotoxin
    2F020 Diacetoxyscirpenol toxin
    2F021 HT-2 toxin
    2F022 Modeccin toxin
    2F023 T-2 toxin
    2F024 Verotoxin and shiga-like ribosome inactivating proteins
    2F025 Viscum Albut Lectin 1 (Viscumin)
    2F026 Volkensin toxin ”
  5.  After SCOMET 2G024, the following shall be added:-
    “2G025 Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus
    2G026 Cochliobolus miyabeanus
    2G027 Andean potato latent virus (Potato Andean latent tymovirus)
    2G028 Potato spindle tuber viroid”
  6.  For SCOMET 3A301, the following shall be substituted:
    “ 3A301 Fuel substances as follows:

a. Hydrazine (CAS 302-01-2) with a concentration of more than 70%;
b. Hydrazine derivatives as follows:

  1. Monomethylhydrazine (MMH) (CAS 60-34-4);
  2.  Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) (CAS 57-14-7);
  3.  Hydrazine mononitrate (CAS 13464-97-6);
  4.  Trimethylhydrazine (CAS 1741-01-1);
  5.  Tetramethylhydrazine (CAS 6415-12-9);
  6.  N, N diallylhydrazine (CAS 5164-11-4);
  7.  Allylhydrazine (CAS 7422-78-8);
  8.  Ethylene dihydrazine;
  9.  Monomethylhydrazine dinitrate;
  10.  Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine nitrate;
  11.  Hydrazinium azide (CAS 14546-44-2);
  12.  Dimethylhydrazinium azide;
  13.  Hydrazinium dinitrate (CAS 13464-98-7);
  14.  Diimido oxalic acid dihydrazine (CAS 3457-37-2);
  15.  2-hydroxyethylhydrazine nitrate (HEHN);
  16.  Hydrazinium perchlorate (CAS 27978-54-7);
  17.  Hydrazinium diperchlorate (CAS 13812-39-0);
  18.  Methylhydrazine nitrate (MHN) (CAS 29674-96-2);
  19.  Diethylhydrazine nitrate (DEHN);
  20.  3, 6-dihydrazino tetrazine nitrate (DHTN);

Technical note: 3, 6-dihydrazino tetrazine nitrate is also referred to as 1, 4-dihydrazine nitrate
c. Spherical or spheroidal aluminium powder (CAS 7429-90-5) in particle size of less than 200 x 10-6 m (200 ìm) and an aluminium content of 97% by weight or more, if at least 10% of the total weight is made up of particles of less than 63 ìm, according to ISO 2591-1:1988 or national equivalents;
Technical Note: A particle size of 63 ìm (ISO R-565) corresponds to 250 mesh (Tyler) or 230 mesh (ASTM standard E-11).

d. Hydrazine replacement fuels as follows:

1.2-Dimethylaminoethylazide (DMAZ) (CAS 86147-04-8)”;
G) For SCOMET 3A303, the following shall be substituted:
“ 3A303 Polymeric substances, as follows:

a. Carboxy-terminated polybutadiene (including carboxyl – terminated polybutadiene) (CTPB);
b. Hydroxy-terminated polybutadiene (including hydroxyl – terminated polybutadiene) (HTPB);
c. Glycidyl azide polymer (GAP);
d. Polybutadiene - Acrylic Acid (PBAA);
e. Polybutadiene - Acrylic Acid - Acrylonitrile (PBAN);
f. Polytetrahydrofuran polyethylene glycol (TPEG).
g. Polyglycidyl nitrate (PGN or poly-GLYN) (CAS 27814-48- 8).

Technical Note:

Polytetrahydrofuran polyethylene glycol (TPEG) is a block co-polymer of poly 1, 4-Butanediol (CAS 110-63-4) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) (CAS 25322-68-3).”
H) For SCOMET 3B016, the following shall be substituted:

“3B016 Metal powder production equipment usable for the production, in a controlled environment, of spherical, spheroidal or atomised materials specified in 3A301.c. or 3A302.

Note: This entry includes:

a. Plasma generators (high frequency arc-jet) usable for obtaining sputtered or spherical metallic powders with organization of the process in an argon-water environment;
b. Electroburst equipment usable for obtaining sputtered or spherical metallic powders with organization of the process in an argon-water environment;
c. Equipment usable for the production of spherical aluminium powders by powdering a melt in an inert medium (e.g. nitrogen). ”

I) In SCOMET 5A102 -

(i) for clause c and the entry relating thereto, the following shall be substituted:
“c. Liquid, slurry and gel propellant (including oxidisers) control systems, and specially designed components therefor, usable in missiles and rockets, designed or modified to operate in vibration environments greater than 10 g rms between 20 Hz and 2 kHz.


1. The only servo valves, pumps and gas turbines specified in 3.A.5. are the following:
1.1. Servo valves designed for flow rates equal to or greater than 24 litres per minute, at an absolute pressure equal to or greater than 7 MPa, that have an actuator response time of less than 100 ms.
1.2. Pumps, for liquid propellants, with shaft speeds equal to or greater than 8,000 rpm at the maximum operating mode or with discharge pressures equal to or greater than 7 MPa
1.3. Gas turbines, for liquid propellant turbopumps, with shaft speeds equal to or greater than 8,000 rpm at the maximum operating mode.
2. Systems and components specified in this clause may be exported as part of a satellite”;
(ii) after clause i and the entry therein, the following shall be inserted:
“j. Combustion chambers and nozzles for liquid propellant rocket engines”;

J) In SCOMET 5C009, for the words “and Accelerometer test station” the figure and words“, Accelerometer test station and Fiber Optic Gyro Coil Winding Machines” shall be substituted

K) After SCOMET 7A009 and the entry relating thereto, the following shall be inserted:
“7A010 Analogue-to-digital converters, usable in the systems specified in 5A, having any of the following characteristics:
a. Designed to meet military specifications for ruggedised equipment; or
b. Designed or modified for military use and being any of the following types:
1. Analogue-to-digital converter microcircuits, which are radiation-hardened or have all of the following characteristics:
1.1. Rated for operation in the temperature range from below -54oC to above +125oC; and
1.2. Hermetically sealed;


2. Electrical input type analogue-to-digital converter printed circuit boards or modules, having all of the following characteristics:
2.1. Rated for operation in the temperature range from below -45oC to above +80oC; and
2.2. Incorporating microcircuits specified in 7A010.b.1.”

3. Purpose of this notification:

Amendments/additions to Categories 2, 3, 5 & 7 of SCOMET list [Appendix 3 to Schedule 2 of ITC(HS) Classification of Export & Import Items] have been notified.

(Pravir Kumar)
Director General of Foreign Trade
E-mail: dgft@nic.in
[Issued from File No. 01/91/171/37/AM10/EC(S)]



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